How To Make Ice Cream?

Date:  Dec 18, 2015

Do you know how to make Ice Cream?

With two aluminium bowl, milk, cream, sugar and salt.  

After this trip, I finally knew.

IMG 6956

This is where we learned how to make Ice Cream.  Hokkaido Ice Cream is really good.  This is gelato type of Ice Cream.

We have been here last year.  We have our wonderful Ice Cream here.

It is nice to re-visit this place.

When we came here last year, we only buy the ice cream and sit at the barn there and watch the cow and Mt. Yotei.

We didn’t know there is a short course teaching you how to make Ice Cream.  

Thanks to the private tour agency and the tour guide who brought us here to experience something that is different.

IMG 6953

Wow, this girl looks like 广末凉子.

IMG 6959

When she is teaching, every one watch.  The lady in the middle is Tomoko-san our private tour guide.

It is nice to have a tour guide who speaks perfect English.

I pity the next table, whom I believe the family is from Malaysia, they too have a private tour guide, but the tour guide was not doing any thing or explaining.  As for our Tomoko-san, she explained and translate every sentence the pretty girl is saying so that we know what to do.  And luckily for that, the table next door got huge benefit and fun by listening to her explanation in English.  🙂

IMG 6963

Let’s get on to it.

First we need 380cc of Milk.  Hokkaido Fresh Milk.

IMG 6970

Then, you add 120cc of fresh cream in it.  Mix it.

IMG 6973

Next, you will need to put 40g of fine sugar and mix everything with a stirrer.

IMG 6974

It’s time to stir and mix the milk, cream and sugar together.

And then, the cube ice are placed in another aluminium bowl.  This is to cool down the milk plus cream.

IMG 6976

And then, you need to place the salt onto the ice.  So that it has lesser direct ice to ice frictions and keep the temperature low.  I think.

IMG 6978

Yup… just put all the salt in it.

IMG 6979

Kay can do such a simple task.  Put salt onto the ice.

IMG 6982

Meanwhile, our ice cream mix is already ready.

IMG 6985

Place the milk cream on top of the ice bowl and start spinning.

IMG 6988

While spinning, scrap the ice cream off the bowl.

Then, scrap more ice cream of the bowl.  keep spinning.

 IMG 7001

Your ice cream is almost done.

This is how cold the bowl can be.  Very cold.

IMG 7008

And it is done!

IMG 7012

A few more spin.  And it is completely done.  Our first home made ice cream by hand.

Now she teaches us how to make the waffle.

IMG 2943

Place the Ice Cream on it.  Yummy.

IMG 7013

And our successful home made ice cream.

IMG 7015

Of course, kids learned and have lots of fun!

IMG 2946

Time to say good bye.

IMG 7022  1

See you next year.

IMG 7023

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