Kay Kay Finally Conquer the Aqua-Fear

Date:  Sep 7, 2015

Swimming is a life skill.

If you step your foot wrong at the first step.  You will get a Aqua-phobia kid.

But it is not the end of the world.

Given time, Aqua-phobia will conquer the water once again, and swim in the water.

Just like Kay Kay.

IMG 9393

Yesterday, when I go down and take a look at his latest progress.  He is able to swim back strokes.  On his own.

IMG 9383

I don’t expect him to become very very good.  But good enough to survive is one important target.

He is able to swim from the other end to this end.  About 45 meter length.  Very good!

IMG 9394

His froggy style.  Need to learn and conquer the fear to change air.  Give him some time to work on it.

Then he did a free style back to the other end.

IMG 9398

Still need to work on the free style change air part.  But remember to keep giving encouragement, make them feel good.

Lastly, uncle Soh teaches him how to dive in.  

I think swimming is one of the thing I made both kids do.  

Somehow, Kay Kay is fond of water when he was very young and then suddenly, he become very afraid of water.

But after 2 years, he finally conquered that fear and start getting better and better.

My hope for him is, if one day, he has to survive in the water, he is able to save himself. 

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