Gadget – cube Instagram Digital Photo

Date:  Sep 8, 2015

I uses Instagram.  That is because I like the filter they do on my photos.

Instagram always make it brighter and nicer.

This is a Kickstarter product.

A digital photo frame that links to Instagram.

IMG 9544

Simple packaging.

IMG 9545

It is very big.  Look at the size.  But it carries a name “Cube” so, it has to be comes in a cube size gua.

IMG 9546

Simple enough user guides.

IMG 9547

By the way, this is important.  When you buy a WIFI product.  Please always always take a look at the WIFI specs to see if it support 802.11n.  This is important.

If your home has super powerful WIFI network of 802.11n, and if you buy a product that only has 802.11a or b or g.  Then, by connecting that WIFI device to your WIFI network, it will downgrade the entire WIFI network to that slower speed.

So, Instacube is fine.  It support 802.11n.

So, no slowing down the WIFI internet at home.  🙂

Screen Shot 2015 09 08 at 7 33 15 am

Not too bad looking.  The setting up takes some time.  The sensitivity of the touch screen is too sensitive.  A single touch can sometimes be multiple touch of the same keys.

And the OS is very very slow.  Running Android.

So, take some time to set up.  Once it is setup, it runs and loads up your feed or your instagram in a loop.

IMG 9548

Not too bad at all.  I think it load up your photos for past 1 month or so.  

Now, here is the thing.  We all have smart phones and excellent digital cameras.  But once we took the photos, how many times we ever take a look at what we shot?

Almost none.  And those photos will buried under your apps.  Until when you need to clean it.  Then, you want to take a look again.

So, having a digital photo frames is an idea to keep showing photos you have taken recently.  

But all the digital photos always need you to connect to SD cards and something like that.

This Instacube actually connects to your social app Instagram.  Whatever you took, they will displayed it at real time.  And displayed the last 10-20 days photos.

your family gets to enjoy to see the photos every time.  Comment on it.

IMG 9550

It display 600×600 so, the Instagram photos fits perfectly in here.

IMG 9551

Oh ya.  Instagram allows you to take 15 seconds of video.  So, sometimes, I do upload videos using Instagram, and this little gadget will also show the video I have uploaded.

Kind of cool.  Photos are sharped.  And I like it.  (I bought it from Amazon).

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