GE2015 – An Important Lesson to My Son

Date:  Sep 9, 2015

Today seems to be an important day for Apple back in US.  But in Singapore, it was the last day of political parties rallies.  Tomorrow, it will be a cool off day, and on Friday, it will be the biggest days for all my Singaporean friends.  Vote wisely.

As part of the education we the parents give to our children, I brought my son Jay Jay to an election rally.

Since it is the last day, and this rally is near by at Clementi Ave 6, we walk there.

IMG 9636

Earlier, some friends asked me to go with them.

I thought it would be fun.

So, I tell them to park the car at Park West.  And I cook them a pot of bee-boon to support them.

IMG 9629

We managed to saw some of yesterday’s rally highlights too.

IMG 9628  1

I am very sure the turn out is not as great as the Workers Party, but it was a lot of people filling in the big plot of empty land here.

IMG 9650

1.  He asked me what is a general election.  I told him it is the time to choose who will be our government.  He immediately says oh, I have done it 3 times.  I was like what?  He explained he voted three times in school for Head of Prefects.  Oh, I see.

IMG 9657

2.  Both of us wear red and with Singapore flags on it.  I said to him, this is a great Singapore event, so, we should wear red.  Tonight we are going to a SDP event.  This is their logo. “Oh, it looks like Star Trek Shirt!”  Yes indeed.


3.  What is SDP?  Singapore Democratic Party.  It is one of the political party.  Just like Star Wars.  The Rebels Alliance Vs. The Galactic Empire.

4.  Of course, we got a lot more parties than Star Wars.  i.e. PAP, Workers Party, SPP, SingFirst, RP, NSP, etc etc etc.

5.  SDP is Singapore Democractic Party, PAP is People Action Party, …. and the list go on to decode every acronyms…

SW01 bg a 810x400

6.  As a Singaporean, you have to be responsible, and not to waste your vote.  Your vote is important.

7.  “When can I vote?” I think after 21.

8.  Also voting is secret.  You write on a piece of paper no one can see.  And you usually don’t tell people who you vote for.  But it is OK if you want to tell.  Is up to you.

IMG 9654  1

9.  These people supports a particular leader, that is why they come and listen what they have to say.  And at this time, the kid heard one of the candidate says how young when he learned about politics and be interested in politics.  Which is 8 years old.  I immediately pointed to him and say “Hey, you are 8 years old!” “No, I am 9.”  “No, your birthday is in October, so, you are still 8”.  Hahahahaha

10.  This is the leader of this party tonight.  Hear the cheers.  People come to see him. 

11.  I say son, remember this.  This is the crowd.  Just like the NDP like that.  A lot of people.  Always see with your eyes, and listen with your ears.

And of course, for an 8-year old boy, this seems boring to him.  So, I gave him my iPhone so that I can listen.  🙂

IMG 9666

Almost at the end, the national anthem.

And lastly, the pledge.  

12.  See, election is a Singapore event.  That is why we sang the anthem and vow our pledge at the end.  You now know how important it is. Remember, why some day I have to go back to JB to vote for my country?  And could not sent you to Badminton class and Robotics class, because I went back to my own country to vote.  So, when you grow up, you will do the same.  Vote for your country.  

Oh ya, I also got myself some books to read on the plane next week.  HaHaHaHa… I bought four of them.

IMG 9721

As I need to send a very sleepy and tired boy home, I cannot join the queue to get Dr. Chee’s latest book (the forth book) signed by the author.  

So, I asked my friend to help me get Dr. Chee to sign the book.  

Ah.. I saw my book (on the right) is signed.  And it is addressing to me “Ken”.. wow… one of my very few books that has the author’s autograph.  Cool.  

IMG 9720


Come Sep 11, Vote Wisely my Singaporean friends.  Open your heart and listen to both sides or three sides of the stories.  Just vote according to your heart.  

As I share with you before my feelings… I really envy this country has a very transparent way of voting in elections, and I enjoy every moment of it as if I am a Singaporean.

I do like some of the PAP candidates, some I really dislike, and you know who.  Heng ah… 

I do like what I see from the oppositions, but some, it is really cannot make it.  Women with baby is not a weakness!!!

This election is very clean so far, and I see not too many people “Chu Pattern”.

A lot of candidates says the wrong thing, but hey, life moves on.  Liu-Lian Bo Pao-Chiak!

But so far, I like the one person speech so much and I have watch it at least 5 times… and he makes a lot of sense.  He is not even a candidate.  

He is a Dr. Ting Choon Meng.

– I was shocked to hear the statistics (not sure is true or not) that every day 1 or more committed suicide in Singapore.

– I was sad to hear the 12 years old kid say “When I incarnation, I don’t want to be human.” “I don’t want to do homework”.  She scored straight As with 2 B’s and yet, she committed suicide.

– I agreed to him saying, when we sick and talk to doctor, we always say, “I am OK, no feel pain, anything”.  Then, few years later, the guy become sick and die.  This often happen in real life.  Even I sometimes do so.  That reminds me, I need to go for a medical check up soon.  hahahaha

– He commented that some candidates say “he will do this, he will do that, he will improve this and that.”  He said, this is a basic.  If you are elected, this is what your should be doing, it is basic.  That is why you get paid for.  So, candidates should talk about the policies instead of saying he do this and that.  hahaha

– many things he said is true.  Chasing for paper, chasing for money.  That makes the country lost its soul something like that.

listen to it, and hopefully it rings up some bells.

May the force be with you!

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