Jay Jay & Piano

Date:  Sep 12, 2015

Jay first encounter with music when he first learned violin back in K1.

Then, in Primary School, he surprised with Er Hu (二胡).

The last few years, one of his after school activity on Monday is learning how to play piano. 

IMG 9595

I always think that the fact that you need to use both hands on piano, will cause both your left and right brain need to think and cooperate together.  And thus, it gives both of your brains the necessary exercises you need.

Lately I heard from a radio show (FM95.8) talking about music, how learning music will build up your character.

Somehow I think Music is good for kids.

And I am glad that Jay Jay likes music.

Our only requirement for him is when birthday comes, he should know how to play a birthday song.  And when christmas comes, he should know how to play Merry Christmas songs.

IMG 9602

And after learning for so long, it comes the time to take the ABRSM grading.

His teacher (a home teacher) asked us to enrol him in.

Jay Jay says OK.

And we enrolled him in.

IMG 9609

Here are one of the three songs he needs to learn.  Of course, there are theory and broken chords too.

I see how he uses two hands to do it.  It is kind of amazing.  Both me and my wife never learned piano or violin before, not to mention the music theory and so on.  So, you can imagine when we see how he can used two hands to play music, it is kind of amaze us.

This is the second song he needs to practice.

I even think that if he is now OK in using two hands and fingers on the piano, next time, he should be great on Computer Games.  hahahahaha

This is the third song he needs to practice.

And we went to Cristofoni to rent a room for 30 minutes for the practice.  

He told me the feel of the piano is “the same” as the digital piano we had at home.  

He told me that the sound is louder and better.

I told him digital piano sound will not change (I am guessing) since it is digital.  

He told me the notes are the same for each key, but it sounds good in the Cristofoni one.

Come next week, let’s see how have fun in the grading.  

加油!  Jay Jay.

IMG 9608

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