Kay Kay & His 6 Years Old Pool Side Party

Date:  Aug 22, 2015


The Birthday Party Traditions

Kay Kay is 3 years younger than Jay Jay.

Jay Jay had his first mega birthday party (where he invited his classmates to attend) at 6 years old.

And yesterday, it was Kay Kay’s turn.  Kay Kay has turned 6 yesterday.

And we have a party at where we stayed.

IMG 7990

The Birthday Cake

The birthday cake is from Cheryl Shuen.

Cake is not so sweet.  It is delicious.

And the decorations is fantastic.

IMG 7983

This year, Kay Kay wanted to have “Hot Wheels” on his cakes.  And he wanted to have those “crazy” tracks that looks like roller coasters.

Especially, you need to build that track, and put the real cars and bikes on it.  It is not easy.  

There is a flaming ring at the middle, and the cars suppose to fly into the flaming ring.

IMG 7986

And of course, ever since got shocked by last year’s Frozen’s cake fireworks candle, how can he don’t have that “fireworks” candle?

IMG 8529

He specially requested for that fireworks candle.  And everyone loves it.

IMG 8005


The Food

Yes, we are having the birthday party at the BBQ pit.  We booked both the BBQ pits.

But we are not going to do the BBQ.  Let’s the experts do it.

HaHaHaHa.  Meet Mr. Ramle from the Ramle burger.

IMG 7900

And his assistant.  As you can see, he is doing the Ramle Burgers (Chicken and beef) and the Satay.  They will do all the BBQ stuffs.

IMG 7901

Ramle Burger from Upper Paya Lebar Road.

IMG 8539

This is what they can supply.  But we only order Ramle Burgers and Satay.

IMG 8540

Got’cha!  This Ramle Burger is not the same brand as the Malaysia’s Ramly Burger.  But it taste almost the same.  The beef, the bread, the sauce, etc.  Except they don’t have the fried eggs.  It is very delicious, and I had 3 of it.  HaHaHaHa… 

IMG 8428


As for the kids, we going to home cook some Bee Hoon for them.  That will be mine job.  To cook two pots of Braise Pork Leg Bee Hoon. and a pot of Vegetarian Bee Hoon for the vegetarians.

IMG 8512

Golden nuggets for the kids.

IMG 8516

And the mini sausages for the kids.

IMG 7884


Chef Patrick of course have to come to support us.  His restaurant is rest for a few weeks for minor renovation.  But he is going to cook all his french country style food for us today.  For Kay Kay’s friends and parents.

IMG 7850

Patrick runs a small restaurant inside our Condo, where we stay.

IMG 4456IMG 4457

The French Artichoke.

IMG 7880

My wife demoing how to eat this lovely dish.

IMG 7871

Chef Patrick introduce another nice French local dish.  Some radish.

IMG 7879

And again, my wife demoing how to eat those.  It is really crunchy and good.

IMG 7876

The Sicili Italian Tomatoes.

IMG 7882

Bee Hoon for the kids.

IMG 7883

And at exactly 7:30, 2KG of Cote Du Bouef is about to be served.  All the guests love it!


Along with the peppercorn pork and beef.  Most of the guests like this too.  I also ordered another 1KG of beef and pork at a later stage, where I see all the beef and pork were all gone.  And my sister and family just arrived, so I got to order some of these for them.


We also open a couple of bottles of French Syrah and this French Langedoc Wine.  


These are the full bodied Langedoc Wine.  It is called The Wolf in The Sheep House.  All these wines are about $40-$45 per bottle, very nice wine.

IMG 8534

I always think that doing a house party, or a pool side party will be much more fun.  As you can spent your dollars to cook or to buy more quality food then spending it on the catering services usually associate with the “amusement park”.  And usually the food is so so.  


Before The Party Begins

Of course the birthday kid is so happy today.

We went to pick him and his best friend Colette from school.

IMG 8476

Both of them seems quite happy playing together.  They picked up the flowers at our place.

IMG 8480

They test drive my light sabers.

IMG 8492

They enjoying pre-viewing the birthday cake.

IMG 8498

Jay is so happy helping mommy to decorate the birthday venue.

IMG 8506


Let the Party Begins

It is a simple decoration.  We just hang the Happy Birthday Kay balloons across two BBQ pits.

IMG 7796

The soccer goal post has been set up.  For those who is interested in kicking some balls.

IMG 7774

The girls are ready to get their leg soaked.

IMG 7776

Here comes the birthday boy.

IMG 7785

The bubble machines are setup.

IMG 7798

The water gun fight has begun.

IMG 7801

Seems so much fun!  Playing with the speedy sharks too.

IMG 7816

More guests has arrived.  Do you need “Lifeguard” service?  Russell is here.

IMG 7818

All sort of toys we bring.

IMG 7826

The birthday boy is up from the pool and get ready to host his first ever mega birthday party.

IMG 7842

There are few hundreds balloons to be grab.

IMG 7859

The food all are out.

IMG 7863

Every kids are given a pump and lots of lots of balloons.

IMG 7894

Got you!  He is running around, very hard to catch him for a photo.

IMG 7934

I am cooking the last pot of bee hoon.  This is the bird eyes view.

IMG 8525

We have treasure hunt games for the kids.  Some parents are helping to organise it.

IMG 7966

Birthday boy keep digging out things from the goodie box.

IMG 7967

And I finally arrived with the last pot of bee hoon.  Let’s take a photo first.

IMG 7973

And then, I quickly fill up my stomach with the Ramly Burger.  I ate two of these.

IMG 7975

This kid keep running and running.  With big smile on his face.

IMG 7987

Let the party begins.

IMG 7989

Fire up the candle.

IMG 7996

Yeah!  It is lid up!

IMG 8001

A wonderful birthday party!

IMG 8002

Time to cut the cake.

IMG 8013

I want this … I want that…

IMG 8032

A happy Carrisa took lots of colourful balloons. 

IMG 8041

Thank you auntie Cheryl and uncle SP set up the BBQ marshmallow station.

IMG 8054

Let the night activities begin.

IMG 8055

They get to use the lightsabers.

IMG 8056

Kay had the first fight with Ashlyn.

IMG 8058

Everybody wants to hold the lightsabers.

IMG 8061

Justin Vs. Yusuke’s brother.

IMG 8067

Kay En and Yusuke.

IMG 8070

Here come Sarah.

IMG 8074

We have home made ice cream too.

IMG 8086

Ice Cream is good ya.

IMG 8098

All mommies are happy talking…

IMG 8111

The vegetarian 陈老师 is here!  I specially cook a vegetarian bee hoon for her.  hahaha

IMG 8122

Another female Jedi was spotted.

IMG 8136

It’s Sofie!!! So the director comes in and say, you should fight like this like that…

IMG 8137

Beautiful fight scene.

IMG 8135

Now they played at the play ground.

IMG 8129

And the play ground seems to be a place for everyone.

IMG 8126

The final game of the day.  Shooting Star.  Each of them will get a shooting star, where they can shoot the LED darts into the sky.

IMG 8157

Once in the sky they will be like umbrella  flying down.

IMG 8163

Why Kate is so happy?  Look at the Glow Sticks.

IMG 8566

Shoot into the stars.

IMG 8175

It is fun!

Thank you every one for coming to my party.

IMG 8578

Thank you for all your presents.

IMG 8585

Look what I get from Daddy.

IMG 8596

Thank you so much.  I hope you enjoy the food, enjoy the fun, enjoy the night, enjoy the good weather, and I promise to be a good boy.

IMG 8601

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