An Hour at Urban Ski

Date:  Aug 17, 2015

This year, we are heading back to Hokkaido for our winter vacation.

So, it is nice to know that there is an Urban Ski opening in Singapore.  And it is just right beside my office here at Millenia Walk.

[Updates] At the moment, Urban Ski has to close down for 2 months so that they can get a proper license they are missing… yeap… The Amusement Park license.  Once they got the license, they will re-open again.  🙂

IMG 6452

Urban Ski is a training facilities for skier.  It is kind of amazing.

Since I am bringing Jay and Kay back to Hokkaido for Skiing, so, it is better to train up Kay first.  Because Kay has zero roller blade experience and only 2 hours experience with skiing (last December).

It is not a big facility but at any one time they can have two trainers train on two different sections.  Each section can accommodate up to 4 students.

So, let’s give it a try.  If you learn at Hokkaido, I think it is much more expensive. 

If Kay can pick up at least most of the basic here in Singapore, then, it will be easier for us.

IMG 6454

They have shoes for all sizes.

IMG 6572

Jay has a red shoe.

IMG 6574

The helmet, they required every one to wear a hygiene head net before you can wear the helmet.  I think that should not be needed at all.  It looks very ugly.

IMG 6580

OK.  We are up.  It is our turn.

IMG 6583

There is a big revolving carpet below.  

And they moisture it with water.  That is why when you turn your ski, it will cut the carpet and the water will sprinkle up just like the snow effect.  

Very cool.

The coach wants us to get the feeling of the carpet.

IMG 6591

 Kay is up and skiing.  And he did good.  

But he cannot come down.  

HaHaHa… because his leg is not “pizza” shape enough.

I can fly.  Yoo hoo…

IMG 6611

It feels real.

IMG 6633

It’s me and Jay Jay turn.  Jay has learn it before, that is why he can pick it up faster.

Let’s focus on Kay Kay again.  He is the one who need to learn how to control.

IMG 6640

The coach will lend him a hand to make him comfortable.  He needs to do that pizza shape in order to stabilise.

He has not enough strength to control the ski.  That is why.

IMG 6644

So, he will need to learn a few times before he has the confident.

IMG 6654

And by the way, sometimes it can be dangerous too.  But the coach will stop the facility in time.

After just a two sessions of 10 minutes sessions, my legs are very very tired.  

I can walk 2-3 hours continuously but this skiing sessions is using all the muscle that I don’t usually use. 

So, my legs are very tired after the skiing lesson.

But I must say, it is a fun thing to do, especially in Singapore.

Can’t wait for it to reopen again.

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