Kay Kay Is Now Blue Tip

Date:  Aug 17, 2015

Early August, it is that time again.

IMG 7308

It is Taekwondo grading time.

IMG 7256

Every 3 months, Kay Kay followed his brother footsteps to take the Taekwondo grading.

IMG 7264

And then, he went thru the change belt ceremony.  Which he loves it.

IMG 8337

Some of the things that I think Taekwondo has changed my son, Kay Kay…

1.  Taekwondo will help him to keep fitter.

2.  Taekwondo will raise his self-defence awareness.

3.  Taekwondo will teach him to respect teachers, elders, uniforms, and even training equipment and facilities.

4.  Taekwondo will make him stronger.

5.  Taekwondo will teach him disciplines. 

6.  Taekwondo pattern will remind him that he needs to remember patterns and take test.

7.  Taekwondo sparring will show him how to fight.

Followed by the sparring session.  Good work Kay Kay.

IMG 8350

Projected to get his poom belt (Black belt for kids) by end of next year.  Not too bad.  

And I just paid the SG50 promotion for his taekwondo lessons.  Thousands plus for 50 lessons.  Very good deal.

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