Cook With Ken – iCook part 1

Date: Nov 17, 2012

This is my friend – Alice. Last Tuesday, she brought 5 other friends to my place, and she wanted to cook for me.

She brought all her iCook pots to show me how good the technology is.

She bought all ingredients from Tiong Bahru market.

Here, she taught me how to marinate minced pork in a plastic bag.

So, they are in the kitchen preparing all the food ingredients.

First dish. 原味鸡. Dubbed as “Original taste chicken”. So, cut the chicken place it in iCook.

Pour in almost 75% of this bottle of Chinese white cooking rice wine. Or the wine just cover the chicken.

Put few stalks of green onions, and cut a chilli remove the seeds, place it together with the chicken. Add only a little bit tiny bit of salt and soya sauce (not too much!) because the taste will be enhanced in the iCook. 食材不流失.

Next, cover the chicken with the iCook steam cover. As we are going to cook 3 dishes in one go. ?? Later you will see it…

Take a steel plate, put the minced pork meat on it. Remember, no salt.

Ok. Found a bottle of 阉小白菜. Usually eat with porridge. So, we mix that with the pork. Remember no salt but this pickle cabbage.

Them we cover it and stacked up another iCook pot. We going to steam egg on top of the meat.

Lets cook 4 eggs. Remember this pot is stacked on top of the steam pork meat and the original taste chicken.

Add a tiny bit of salt.

Stir the egg.

Add water. Add lots of water.

Then cover it. Used medium to small fire to slow cook it. It will takes about 20min to cook it, and amazingly all three dishes will be ready at the same time. It’s magic!

This iCook cooking wear where you can stack the pots on top of each other.

Let’s also cook a 糯米饭 sticky rice.

And a soup. Dump the pork bones, water and white radish in it.

Stack it up again and we are cooking the rice and soup together.

Next, use the pan and put some extra virgin olive oil in it. He used a portable gas stove.

Put the veggie in it.

Since just now we never use the salt. So, lets demo, put a lot of salt in here.

Cover it, start the fire and cook it for 8-10min.

And the veggie is fully cooked. Wait a minute, why the salt on top of the veggies still remains there after 10min cooking?


So the iCook actually preserve it that way. This is amazing demo. I have not seen such a demo before! It’s magic!

A closer look. Wow! Ok, let’s get rid of the salt otherwise it goes into the veggies. So we scope up the salt and throw it away. It is for demo, not real eating!

Ok. We have our fresh fish. Lets steam it!

Wait what is he doing? No we don’t war to boil the fish!

Peter is Alice’s brother. He said dont worry, we teach u how to steam a fish by first place the fish into a hot water pot.

Oh dear, this is in heard of, they steam fish by cooking the fish in a hot boiling water.

Here is how easy to clean the pot so to cook the next dish.

Ok. Here we go. I tasted it, 原汁原味. The veggie is amazing. And it is because of this veggie that I bought the iCook few days later.

Ok, the rice is done. And it is fragrance.

Ok. Here is the original taste chicken. I had never cooked or taste such a nice taste chicken. And it is indeed very delicious. This is the second reason why I bought the iCook later.

And together with the chicken we have the steam egg. Look at how smooth the steam egg is. Wow, amazing!

And the steam pork. The water or sauce is out from the pork itself. Very sweet and tasty. And really 3 dishes in one go.

Now, lets cook the cabbage. Again olive oil and put all veggies on it.

And you can use a pot to cover it upside down. Amazing concept.

Wow. A few dishes has been prepared.

This is for the steam fish.

Olive oil. Cook the carrots first.

Then, soya sauce. As we open cover cooking this dish. So, can put more sauce.

Where is the fish? Remember, we cook it in a pot of water. Strange way of cooking it.

Here comes the fish. Wow. Amazing. The fish is still in tact.

Place the green onions.

Then pour the steam sauce on it.

The steam fish. Wow! And when you taste it, it really looks like come out from the steamer. Don’t ask me how? It’s magic!

The soup is long ready. We cooked this with the sticky rice. And the radish already soften in this case.

Look at the cabbage. I tasted it! And me and my wife love it the most. They simple way of cooking cabbage and yet so delicious! So this is the main reason why we buy the iCook.

Wow. More dishes has been place on the dining table.

Earlier we soak this with salt water to wake the clams.

And then just cook it without anything. No salt at all.

Wow. The sauce came out is white in color and it is sweet and tasty. 原汁原味.

Next a pork belly. Heat the pan and cover it and cook it. It is roasting the pork belly.

The pork is roasted.

Amazing! Lots of food. And every dish is real good!

First wine. A Chablis premium cru.

Next, the 2 minute steak. Heat pan, olive oil. Put my wagyu beef in.

1 minute later turn the other side.

And it is served. This pork taste very nice as it does not have lots of smoke and oil.

Oh. They love my wine. So I open two bottle of this.

Later… We grill the eggplant on the pan.

We also grill the Hokkaido octopus. Very nice taste grilled using iCook.

I open a Margaux. Because the food are so nice.

Our desserts.

Ok. Today, with my own eyes I witness the technology of iCook. I really don’t understand the theory but the cooking has been made to be so easy and less smoky and oily. The food cooked are healthy. So, almost instantly I commit to buy the cookware set. I like to cook and even I got amaze with all these new technology. I cannot explain how food cooked can be that nice using the iCook. But it has proven to me all these. So I am buying it soon.

Alice says she will cook 盆菜 (pen cai) on Saturday. So stay tune to part two of the story.

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