Nov Hair Cut

Date: Nov 11, 2012

Next week is LWPS concert.
Jay: “I need a hair cut! My hair is too long! It’s my graduation concert!”

Yup! I am ready for my hair cut!

Washing hair… So relaxing.

Done. Hair is not too short and can gel up and hold…

Next is Kay Kay’s turn. OK! He still scare of itchy itchy sensation. This time I have to hold his head tight!

So, how many pair hands you need to cut a young toddler’s hair? Hahaha

Ok! I am done! It’s my turn to gel my hair up!

And thanks to iPad too. It gave the kids lots of entertainment. I think this is the only time the kids can play and watch iPad. Hahaha

Look at our standing hair…

Sometimes I look at the old photos I have taken on their hair cut adventure, it is quite fun! They indeed come a long way. From Edwin koko to Ice jiejie, my boys have really grown up fast!

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