Cook With Ken – iCook part 2

Date: Nov 18, 2012

Last Tuesday, my friend introduced her cookware to me. And I finally got time to get it on Friday. My new toys! Hahaha (I don’t only play with gadgets, haha)

First night using it, I made a delicious 绍兴酒烧鸡. I actually don’t have to do much things, dumb the chicken into the pot, and half bottle of 绍兴酒, a tiny pinch of salt, light soya sauce, and few stalk of green onions. And let it cook 20 min, and simmer for 10 min. That’s it. I LIKE!

The steam egg is cooked on top of the chicken together. But I put too little water. So, the surface come out very nice, but the inside is a bit hard. So, need to adjust my way of cooking with precise ingredients.

I tried to cook the cabbage, but failed because, the fire is a bit too big, and the olive oil is too little.

Same thing with the Kailan. A bit burnt due to fire setting is a bit high. As I said what ever that I have learned about cooking, hot wok, etc are useless when dealing with this iCook, I will need to relearn it by experience again.

But for the sake of ease of cooking, more healthy food, lets learn it la!

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