CNY 2014: Fishing Secrets

Date:  Feb 4, 2014

On the CNY day, we went to Pantai Remis (班台) to visit my wife’s grandma and the rest of the uncles.

IMG 9453

It is a small little fishing town.  (Panchok)

IMG 9466

Lot’s of fishing boat and fishermen stay here. 

IMG 9471

One of the uncle also have fish ponds and prawn ponds.  Let’s go there and visit.

IMG 9479

The 7th uncle already prepared a whole bag of prawns for CNY dishes.  Big Thanks!

IMG 9482

The kids enjoying holding the prawns in their hand.

IMG 9490

Let’s see how they fish the prawns up.

IMG 9502

Big prawns plus lots of small shrimps.. baby shrimps.

IMG 9509

The 7th uncle explains to the kids how he protects the shrimp’s brain by using some chemical to clear the algae.  Algae is a friend during day time but it is enemy at night.  Because the algae wants oxygen at night competing with the shrimps, so it is no good.  That is why need to clear as many of them away as possible.

IMG 9514

Runaway prawn.

IMG 9519

Kids love climbing up and down.

IMG 9526

Jay Jay get the chance to grab hold of the prawns net and pull it up.  Yeah!

It is very high tech indeed.  There are CCTV watching.  And the feed goes directly to China via broadband.  

This fish pond is a partnership with China company.  The Chinese provides “technology” (or chemicals) and the fish breed and the local partner (7th uncle) provides the fish bed, man power and all the rest of necessary.

IMG 9534

In the old ways, they use chorine to kill the algae.  But Chorine is bad for the heart (prawn’s heart), so now the Chinese invented the way to overcome this.  Suppose to be “cleaner” and more “healthier” way.  Hmmmm….

IMG 9536

This magic powder put in the fish pond, and it will make the algae solidify, and then floats in solid forms.  So, the next day, simply remove the algae chunks and it will reduce the algae by a lot.

And my wife brought back some for her fish aquarium.  Wahahahaha.

Next we visited the fish pond.  He raised two type of fishes here… 龙虎斑 & 龙胆鱼.

“Wow!  I caught a big one!” (smiling & laughing hard)

IMG 9572

Take a look at the video.  Live fish!  The kids love it!

The whole family like this experience on the CNY day.  We going to cook this fish.

IMG 9567

Wow!  Huge Fish.  龙虎斑.

IMG 9581

The kids love it.

IMG 9553

Taking photos with the fish.  Macam like they caught the fish like that.  Wahahaha.

And now, revealing the secret.  Who is the actual one catching the fish.  Wahahaha.

IMG 9546


This is how 7th uncle caught the fish.


As for me.  7th uncle place the fish on the hook and put it in the pond.  So, when we take picture is as we are the one who fish it.

So, 7th uncle explains, a lot of tourists came to his pond, and then, he will do the same thing for them to “catch” the fish.  All of them love it, because they get to take the fishing photos.  And at the end, all of them buy a lot of fish and prawns back for steaming.  Wahahahaha.

When we go back… we clean up the live prawns …

IMG 9596

And steam it…

IMG 9599

We cooked 7 pots of steam prawns in 2 days.  That is how much prawns we eaten.

IMG 9610

As for the steam fish, it taste like cod fish, nice!

IMG 9609

That concludes our special event of CNY.  Very nice experience for the kids.

IMG 9532

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