The CNY Sky Lantern 2014

Date:  Feb 3, 2014

On CNY eve, we fly all our sky lantern into the sky.

We did it last year, this year we did it again.

As you turn your head around, you soon find a lot of family also did the same thing.

IMG 9231

We wrote this mainly for the kids, wishing them grow up fast fast.

IMG 9232

Flying the sky lantern is not new to the kids, but they love to do it again and again.

IMG 9238

This year Kay Kay has grown up.  He stayed up until so late to fly the sky lantern.  It is amazing seeing the kids grew.  A years ago, he cannot “tahan” and went to sleep around 11pm.  

IMG 9243

Yeah, this is our sky lantern.  Ready to fly.

IMG 9246

And there she goes up up in the sky.

Huat ah!

IMG 9263

See how our sky lantern flies.

Another one.

And another one.

And another one.

We simply enjoys it.  

Then, I asked…”Where does all the sky lantern fly to?”

“The candle must be exhausted”

“There shall be no fire then?  Right”

Father inlaw “Of course it will come down to the ground”


Is it in the jungle?

Is it on the road?

Is it in somebody’s backyard?

… ? ? ?

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