CNY 2014 – Malaysia’s Fireworks

Date:  Feb 3, 2014

You can only play this, see this in Malaysia.

This blog entry is for those children who still have not had any chance to go into Malaysia on CNY first minute and enjoy the fire crackers and fireworks.  So that they have an idea of what is fireworks and fire crackers and how Malaysians celebrate the CNY.

Jay Jay loves to play this.

IMG 9127

Jay is 8 years old this year.  So, he has been upgraded to light up the small fireworks.

IMG 9130

There you go, beautiful small fireworks.  Not so loud, and not so high, and nice small little fireworks.

IMG 9128

As for Mr. Kay Kay, he still a bit scare of lighting up the 烟花.

IMG 9131

Once he got the hang of it…

IMG 9132

He loves it so much.

IMG 9134

Of course Jay Jay is more brave than Kay Kay.  He play 2-3 sticks at the same time.

IMG 9135

Of course, Mummy will try to teach Kay Kay how to light up bigger fireworks.

IMG 9136

And he light up successfully!

IMG 9137

Fireworks!  Nice!

IMG 9150

And Jay Jay light up more fire sticks.

IMG 9154

Side Track a bit… Remember, this Sony QX100 camera?


The QX100 can take such a nice night photo.

IMG 9161

Another one.  As long as you have enough lights it can take marvellous photos.

IMG 9162

I have even upgraded the new firmware yet.  But is so nice already.

IMG 9164

What are they doing now?

IMG 9166

Oh.. Mummy is demoing the small pop crackers.  It is dangerous, so, mummy have to demo it.

After you light up, you have to throw it away fast.  So that it will pop pop pop.

I think mommy is having lots of fun of it.  Now, she tied 5 together and it create a loud and big pops.

Let’s see uncle Yon Wei throw the pop fire crackers into the sky…

Kay Kay always enjoy playing the fire sticks…

OK.  Now mummy upgrade her skills and throw many pop fire crackers into the bucket.  And it created a loud bang.

Grandpa asked Mummy to light up the long fire crackers.  And this is our 2014 long fire crackers..

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Happy Chinese New Year!

And the outside world changed.

It is like a war zone.

And it is like almost every house hold displaying their wealth.  The more wealthier you all, the bigger fire works display you will light up.  Hahahaha.

Look at this fireworks.  It is the biggest of that night.  It is cool.  Big and nice.  Thanks for lighting it up in front of the house so that we can all watch.  Wahahaha.

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