Kay Kay & Chinese Calligraphy

Date:  Jan 30, 2014

The last two days, I volunteer in Pei Tong Primary School to teach/guide the students to draw Chinese painting.

While teaching the students on writing and drawings, I notice, all of students when writing their name, did not hold the brush properly.

That means they did not use Chinese brush before.

So, this year, I decided to spent more time with my kids so that they can learn the Chinese roots.

This 吉 word hang on my door for some time.

IMG 8645

And he is the one who write the word.  Kay Kay.

Yeap, you can start letting your kids to practise writing starting young.

IMG 8647

This is one of the time we ask Kay to practise writing.

Simply write 1-2-3-4 in Chinese.

IMG 8637

Here we use the water ink paper.  When you put water on the ink paper, it will turn black temporary.  

IMG 8638

As you can see, he writes in confidence.  And He likes it.

IMG 8639

It is fascinating to watch your kids learn how to write these words.

IMG 8640

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