Helping Out @ Pei Tong

Date:  Jan 20, 2014

Every year, before the CNY, Pei Tong Primary School will have some activities during the recess time.  

I usually will help up the PSG (Parent Support Group) in some of these events.

This year, we have CNY card using beads, CNY Food Introduction to introduce all wonderful CNY food, CNY Song Karaok and Chinese Drawings.

So, me and my wife station at the Chinese drawings section.

IMG 9020

Setting up the table.

IMG 9019

We have a professional artist here to teach the kids how to draw.  

IMG 9021

It is nice for the kids to learn how to use the Chinese Calligraphy brushes to draw gold fish.

IMG 9022

Wow.  Drawing gold fish is too complicated.  So, I changed to teach people to draw to mandarin oranges and write the word 吉.

IMG 9025

Jay Jay dropped by to see me.

IMG 9026

Day 2.  Still many students came to draw the Chinese painting.

IMG 9069

Today, every one draw mandarin oranges because it is easy to draw, fast to complete and more students have chance to draw too.

IMG 9070

I like this one.  Simple.

IMG 9066

I love to hang out with kids.  I love to teach them what I know.

IMG 9067

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