CNY 2014 – Remembering The Past

Date:  Feb 4, 2014

Jay’s Grand Father found this from antique shop.

It is very common during the 1950’s.  

It run on zero electric city, and it plays music. 

Ever since then, we have been buying the old music tapes from the past, from the Taobao, from the Antique shops.

IMG 9121

Boon Ching’s dad can explain and tell the history of the music player … from this to walkman to CD player, to iPod.  Wahaha

IMG 9623

He carefully place the music plate (I don’t even know what to call)

IMG 9625

And he let’s Jay Jay operate the music player.  Yeah!

(Jay, please be careful, it is an antique!)

So, it runs and plays music that is not so clear.  But hey, it is “high tech” back in 1950’s ok?  Wahahaha

Technology evolves.  

Soon man create robots.

Robot create Skynet.

Skynet destorys…

Oh well… That is still very far in the future.  

Let’s not worry about it.

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