Bicycle Washing

Date:  Feb 4, 2014

Yesterday, the kids went outing together with Lukas & Louis.

Their ride their bicycle all the way to West Coast Highway, the other side of the AYE.  It is an new achievement for the Tan brothers.

IMG 9696

The ride their bike back.  And all seems very happy.

IMG 9697

They stopped by the deserted train tracks along the way.  Very happy too playing.

IMG 9698

So, after the ride, after the lunch, it will be good for them to wash their bicycles.  Also, wash their parents one.

It is a privilege to ask your children to do that for you.  And I tell you, they will be very happy of doing it.

Kids love water and soup. 

They love washing.  So, if you ask them to wash, they will be glad to wash it.

IMG 9701

See how Jay Jay wash his own bike.  Very carefully wash all the parts and so on.

IMG 9702

Now, the two boys washed my bike.  Wahahahahaha

Seems evil, but remember, it is always fun for them.  And most of the time, they will not ask for any money to wash it.

It will be different thing for washing car.  Jay now collects at the rate of $8 per wash plus vacuum.

Got one time, auntie Cheryl told him that wash car at Caltex is $8 and vacuum is another $5.  So, Jay Jay came back and ask mommy why she short change him.  Next time when he was car and vacuum car, he wants to collect $13.  WAHAHAHAHAHA LOL.

IMG 9703

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