The Deep – DreamWorks at Art Science Museum

Date:  Sep 11, 2015

Yesterday was Friday.  It is Friday Family Friendly day at Art Science Museum @ Marina Bay Sands.

Entering “The Deep” is free on Friday.  We only paid 2x adults ticket for the DreamWorks exhibition and “The Deep” is free, and Singapore past stories is free too.  Quite worth it for Friday visits.

Screen Shot 2015 09 12 at 6 54 33 am

 After seeing this exhibition, my only thoughts were… Aliens…..

IMG 9792

Think about it.  Why the sea has so many creatures that we had not seen on the land.

IMG 9794

Could it be the reason that they are from outer space?

IMG 9790

Our planet earth been bombarded by asteroids for so many millions of years.

IMG 9872

All these asteroids from outer space came from where?  May be some planets few million light years away.

IMG 9854

Imagine, they are from these planets.  And if they can survive the whole journey coming from their planets to Earth, they sure have extra ordinary surviving power.

IMG 9849 

By interacting with the native creatures (from Earth), they probably evolve in a certain way.

IMG 9850

The big sea is a very big place.  It covers almost the entire earth.  So, who knows what you can find under the seabed.

IMG 9868

That is why there are so many funny looking creatures.

IMG 9874

Or is it we watched too many Sci-Fi movies and get to see all kinds of Aliens on the TV, and the TV series producers or artist got their idea from all these sea creatures?  No wonder we have those kind of familiar feelings?

IMG 9871

Nobody knows.

IMG 9845

Nobody knows.  I still think they are aliens.

IMG 9870

These are some more photos on these deep sea creatures.

Oh ya… a few families had a museum playdates.  Spontaneous decision at 8am… and by 10am, we are all here…

IMG 9768

We also dropped by DreamWorks.

IMG 9877

This is what I talk about.

IMG 9759

DreamWorks teaches the kids how to make a story board, a animation movie.

IMG 9801

Of course, they show case the few famous animations made by DreamWorks.

IMG 9800

Through technology, the kids get to learn how to create various animation with various facial expression.  Using HP computers and softwares.

IMG 9736

It is quite cool.  And the kids loves it.

IMG 9739

Not easy to create an animation movie.

IMG 9746

Thank goodness you have all the computer aided softwares to help you to render the ocean, etc.

IMG 9760

The kids get to learn about modelling too.

IMG 9810

I get the chance to play with the animation too.

IMG 9747

 HaHaHaHaHa…. fun!

Look at what the kids create.  A rolling ball.  With a earthquake mountain.

It is all about interaction, and the kids love it!

IMG 9766

It is time for more games outside.  This one is easy.  Throw 3 fishes into the dragon mouth.

OK.  This one is harder.  No wonder Kay Kay skip the queue and run away.  He will then come back to do it later. 

Let’s see how Gwen does it.

Is she better than Kungfu Panda?

Use the force.  Stable stable.

Oh this one, he really used the force.  Second try and hit the bell!

Once you get 4 chops, you can get a gingerbread boy.

IMG 9788

All the kids are hungry now.  The food court is very crowded.  Every place is crowded except for this small Japanese restaurant just on the right side when you come in from the Art Science Museum.

IMG 9878

After lunch, the kids went to Lilli Putt to play. 

IMG 9882

And they played 18 holes there.

IMG 9886

And later we continue the play dates in one of the kids home.

And the parents just enjoyed ourselves.

IMG 9894

Looks simple.  Great food!

IMG 9893

Great wine!  Of course!

IMG 9892

That concludes the only day during this September School holiday where I spent time with the kids.  It was a busy week.  Glad that manage to arrange ad-hoc
 one playdates for them.  Nice! 

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