Be Creative in Making Bread

Date:  May 22, 2015

My wife is in US this week.

So, making bread is one of my task this week.

She has premixed all the flour and ingredients for me to make normal boring white bread every day.

You know me, I am adventurer, and I like to try new things.

Thanks to my domestic helper who usually sleep later than me (I slept around 9pm, she slept around 11pm).  She helped me to place the bread mix into the Bread machine every night, with I giving her what to mix with it.  HaHaHaHa…

1.  Milo Chocolate Bread

One of the day, the bread come up “chocolate” coloured.

IMG 2797

Because I place a pack of these into the bread mix.  HaHaHa… Milo drink mix.

IMG 2798

I also put in some baking chocolate.  Unfortunately, all the chocolate chips seems to be melted into the bread.

IMG 2844

The bread smell like Milo.

IMG 2799

The bread is sweet with Milo taste.

So, I put in ham, avocado, lettuce and butter & cheese.  This is my breakfast. 

IMG 2801

Kay Kay says the bread is delicious.  He usually eat the bread with honey and strawberry jam.

IMG 2804

2.  Yuzu & Seaweed Bread

Can you see the seaweed on it?

IMG 2835

We put 4 packets into it.  These are some of the junk food lying there for ages. Cut these seaweed into small pieces.

IMG 2832

I opened my drink drawer.  I found these.  So, I asked my helper to put two packet of these in.  Yuzu Tea.

IMG 2831

color of the bread.

IMG 2838

I taste the bread plain, and it has the Yuzu fragrance with a bit bitter taste.  And then, there is this spicy hint.  I believe the slight spicy taste comes from the sesame seaweed.  

IMG 2840

Jay has no problem eating this.  As usual, I put lettuce, mayo tuna and butter and cheese.

It is nice.  

IMG 2843

Kay Kay says “The bread is nice, but taste funny.”  He still eats it.  HaHaHa

IMG 2846

So, when it come down to baking bread.  You know the main ingredient of baking the bread.  Next is your creativity.  What you want to put inside the bread.  And Just Do It!  What worst thing can go wrong.  Worst case, there is no bread for that day if the bread turn out to be funny.

I am glad we have this bread machine, and start making own bread every day.  It feels like some 20 years ago when I still live in Bishop’s Fall St. John’s, my land lady every day make turkey ham sandwich for me with newly fresh bake bread.

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