How to Use Sineoji Homeplug Power Ethernet

Date:  Mar 9, 2015

That day, Mr. Dean from Sineoji called me to asked if he can drop by my place.

Dean works for Sineoji.  And he is a very hard working technical support running around Singapore helping Sineoji’s users to understand more about the technology.

He came to my place and wanted to update the firmware on my Sineoji 1800Mbps Gigabit HomePlug AV2. 

As you may recall, I have my Network Cabinet at the Entrance there.  I do not allow OpenNet to install their fibre from the front door.  So, I make OpenNet to install their fibre at the kitchen washing area thru the back door.  So that I don’t have to deal with those ugly cable runs.

I have 600Mbps ViewQwest Fibre Broadband at home.  So, when you plug your laptop just behind the ONT, you will get speed close to 600Mbps.  

My previous test:

IMG 9455

While I have mr. Dean at my place upgrading all the Sineoji plugs, I spoke to him and discuss about the technology.

I have 4x 1800Mbps AV2 at home, so, he asked me to plug the other two also to do the upgrade in one shot.

So, I plug these two into my bed room electrical sockets.

And to our surprise, we discovered one big flaw in the electrical design at my place and I am pretty sure some of you might have this problem too.

So, after discovering that, I make a few changes to my home network design.

New Changes

1.  I move my Netgear Nighthawk X4 routers to my study room.

2.  I move the 2nd Sineoji plug into my study room.

3.  So, ONT is connecting to the Netgear router thru the Sineoji plug directly into the Study room.

And we run a speed test.  And to my surprise, it has rose up to 182Mbps – 193Mbps kind of speed.  That is close to 55%-60% performance boost from the previous setup.

And I am happy about this new network setup. 

Screen Shot 2015 03 05 at 9 11 04 pm

Here is the Reasons

And here is the new tips for installing Sineoji Homeplug Power Ethernet.  But to any other brand is the same too.  Not only for Sineoji.  🙂

1.  From my kitchen, there is this wall that cannot be hacked.  My wife recalled that the electrician has to run the power cable into my bed room then, to my study room, and make a big loop to get to the network cabinet.  From what you can physically see and you always thought that the Network cabinet being so close to the kitchen washing area, you thought it will give the best performance.  Lesson Learned: Wrong! Althouse the distance it is the closest, it is not necessary that the power cable is shortest.  In my home for example, the network cabinet happens to be the furthest point as the power cable has to run from other rooms and other area and then finally reach at that end.  Now wonder, no matter how hard I pushed, (by reducing the power noise), the highest ever I get is 116Mbps to the Internet speed test via the Network cabinet.

2.  So, in order for you to optimise the installation of your Homeplug Power Ethernet devices, you need to know your power electrical plan at home.  In my case, Mr. Dean has this proprietary software that he used to remotely upgrade all my Homeplugs, at the same time, he can see the theoretical speed each power point can push to.  So, I clearly see that the network Cable place can only push to a theoretical speed of 200Mbps and plus minus, where as my bed room, it can push up to 800Mbps both upload and download.  From that software, it also shows that my downlink has much lesser capacity than the uplink.  The only explanation is the power cables possibly are not pull cleanly, and it has lots of bends, and so on.  Also being furthers away, it it sometime very erratic especially when power noise come into play.

3.  Of course, we do not have that software.  But one thing we could do is to “test” every single power point at home.  By having a fixed plug connecting to your Internet / ONT.  And plug the 2nd plug in every single power plug to test and get the readings of Speedtest result.  You have to select the same speediest server to do the test so to get a consistent results.  Do this a couple of times and you will learn some power point, you can get much higher speedtest result and some power point is lower.

4.  Conclusion, not all power point has the same result.  This is due to the distance difference.  And the power noise difference.  At the beginning when I designed my network at home, I did not do so many test.  My aim is to install all networking devices at the network cabinet and from there Internet is delivered thru structured cabling.

So, from now on, my home Internet speed can always get > 180Mbps to 200Mbps.  I am very happy with this.  Every thing is fast now.







  1. Your BB plan is 600Mbps, and the maximum you can get is 180 to 200Mbps due to your homenetwork limitation? Should use a 200Mbps plan instead.

  2. Actually I don't know how it works. When it is 200Mbps last time, I can only get a maximum of 70Mbps-90Mbps after the Sineoji. When they open up to 600Mbps it boost past 120Mbps and beyond. So, I am sticking with 600Mbps and they do not have lower bandwidth plan any more.

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