Jay & GCCT Updates

Date:  Mar 9, 2015

We are taking a relaxing term this term for Jay’s golf lessons.

Every week, he will just go to the Millennium 9-Hole course to play with his friends in the class. 

So far I have not yet managed to arranged any extra golf lessons for him this year.  Let’s see how it goes.

IMG 9234

I insisted to enrol him in the GCCT class where he can play with his friends at the same standards.  That is very important.

There is no point going for golf lessons in the golf range and does not have experience in the course.

IMG 9235

I think Jay is doing quite OK.  But in his class, the best is this Japanese boy, which is P4.  His golf swing and steadiness is really good.

IMG 9241

Jay also gets to do a lot of exercise, walking the course.

IMG 9244

Here is one of his golf swing at the first hole tee-box.  He got every steps done right.  Do a test shot, and then follow up with a good shot.  Well done Jay.

That is where his first shot went.  At the fringe and it is just a chip and a putt after that.

IMG 9243

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