Fly Kite & Blood Moon Day

Date:  Apr 4, 2015

Today, we decided to go to Marina Barrage to fly kite and to watch the moon eclipse.

IMG 0419

The kids love outdoor so much.  And they keep on jumping up and down.  The found a big bird statue behind.

IMG 0422

A lot of people when they come, they will walk up to the roof top.

For us, we walked from the reverse direction, from the Satay by the bay, we will see this green green slope.  And surprisingly not many people here.  So, we decided to fly our kite here and we setup our picnic here too.

IMG 0426

There is a nice view of the MBS and the Singapore Flyer.

IMG 0429

Let’s fly kite.

IMG 0431

Kay Kay flying the first kite.

IMG 0434

The Red Angry Bird kite.

IMG 0437

Look closer.  This is the one.


Kay Kay just witness a runaway kite.  The kite and the handle flew away in front of him.  

So, he was a bit scare of loosing his kite.

So what we do is we tie the kite on to his waist.

IMG 0446

So, that he can fly the kite even the wind is strong up there.

IMG 0448

See… Hands Free flying kite.

IMG 0454

Jay Jay will fly the rainbow parachute dog kite.

IMG 0440

And up up and away…


Jay no need the kite to tie to his waist.

IMG 0442

He is very steady flying the kite.

IMG 0451

Hello little friend.

IMG 0456

We started our picnic.

Terry & Laurel joined us together with their niece Claris.

IMG 0458

She gets to fly a kite too.


Here comes my dinner.  Kueh Pai Tee.

IMG 0460

OK.  The night is coming.  Sun has set.

And we are searching for the Moon direction.

There is an app for it.

IMG 0462

The kids were playing the Star Tracker App.  There were amaze of seeing things that they cannot see.


Later, mommy and Jay Jay setup the telescope.

IMG 0466

We will use this Telescope to search for the blood moon.

IMG 0467

And we have align the telescope properly towards the east.  The moon will rose from the East.


Let’s see if we can see Jupiter or not.


This is the direction the moon will rose from.


Oh… some people are playing the drones.  The drones change green and red color.  Cool. 


Here we get the glimpse of the moon.


Laurel’s camera can see the color.  Some how, my camera filtered off all the color.

IMG 0513

This is what Laurel’s took from his borrowed camera.

IMG 0514

The eclipse has begun to uncover the moon slowly.


Bigger now.


They found a way to take photo via telescope.

IMG 0474



I am using my Sony super zoom camera.  Automatic mode.

IMG 0478

Jay Jay was amazed when looking at the viewfinder of my camera,

IMG 0483

Moon getting bigger again.


These astro-scientist is trying to take photo thru the telescope eye hole.   

IMG 0493

Moon getting bigger.


And bigger.


Laurel took the photo and the color is definitely are more real than mine.

IMG 0516

Hers is yellow color.  

IMG 0517

I am still taking lots and lots of photos about this eclipse.

IMG 0505

When we reach home, the moon has become round moon.


So round.  And that concludes the blood moon day.  The full moon back to the full moon again.


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