Kay Kay Badminton After 3rd Class

Date:  Apr 5, 2015

It is amazing to watch the Kay Kay grew up so fast.

Especially with the help of his brother Jay Jay.  He has grown to a fine young boy. 

He knows what he wants.

He wants to learn badminton.

And he gets his chance to join the badminton class.


He seems to love to play badminton.

A passion that is much more than his brother has.


This is how it looks after the 3rd class at Singapore badminton school @ Clementi.  3 weeks ago, he does not even touch badminton racquet.

I think he is doing well.

 And this is his friend in the badminton class.  An Indian boy who has taken the lesson for almost 2 terms.  And he is very good.  So, Kay Kay says he wants to be as good as him.


2 days before.  Uncle Rusdi takes the time to train him.

And he increases his ball sense.

IMG 0301

He is trained to hit the ball to the target area during that training.

IMG 0310

 1-Day ago.  He asked me to bring him down to train his serving.

And he can finally serve the ball over the net.

IMG 0325

And the more I played with him, the more I enjoyed learning that his skill has grown up day by day.

IMG 0333

One day, he will be like his brother like that.   Good in sport.

That is why we started to expose him to all kind of sports.

IMG 0392

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