Angry Bird Activity Park

Date:  Apr 11, 2015

Two weeks ago…

Teachers in LWPS all went to training courses, the pre-school is closed for a day.

I asked in the WhatsApp group where are all the kids going?

Some parents says “Go Angry Birds Activity Park in Johor Bahru”.

And here we are ….


The theme park is located at JBCC.  It is in a new mall beside City Square.  

I parked my car at the same building.

Within the building, there are signs indicating where is the park.  Look for “Angry Birds”.

IMG 0236

Unfortunately, some of the signs are not obvious.  The park is located on a different sections in the same level 3.  So, you have to cross the car park to reach there.

IMG 0239

Watch out for these sort of uneven steps.  Very annoying.  Almost fell down.

IMG 0240

And we finally made it.  10am open.  Take some pictures outside the park.

IMG 0245

We bought the tickets.

IMG 0246

Here come Sofie.  One of Kay Kay’s friend.

IMG 0247

More friends arrived.

It is important to go outing with friends.  This will make the kids remember the event very clearly.  This is their childhood, and we should give this nice memory to them.

IMG 0254

It is not so big.  But have many things to play.


You can ride a car.

IMG 0262

You can go up and come down from the tubes.  So happy.

Or you can jump down from 2-3 Meter above on to a landing pad.


At first, scare.  Don’t want to jump.

After the first jump, let’s do it again.

And again…

And again.  This is the fun part.

Swinging on a rope.


It has a mini trampoline park too.


You jump like an angry bird.


There are shooting game.  You play against each other.  Who ever shoot down all three piggy wins!


The park is quite decent.


You can ride bike together.


Or watch movies together.

IMG 0285

They are showing Angry Birds of course on the TV.


There are lots of gaming station for you to play, Angry Birds of course.


Do you like the Angry Birds Park?

Yes!  We like!

It is better than the Jurong Bird Park.

IMG 0259

While you are here.  don’t forget to checkout the food at the food court.  Nice!

IMG 0228

It is not mandatory, but it is nice to wear something Angry Birds.  HaHaHa…

IMG 0218

The best time to go may be is during holidays for Singaporean kids but not for Malaysian kids.

Park at the same mall, level 3 is the best.

Playing time is 2-3 hours.  Can be very tiring, after all these jumping and running.

The gift shops is not so exciting.  Not much merchandise surprisingly.

There are restaurants in the mall or you can go shop in next door City Square.

Go in on Sunday, as Sunday is Johorian’s school day.  So, lesser crowds.

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