Kay Kay & TKD Yellow Belt

Date:  Dec 8, 2014

Last month, Kay Kay was promoted to yellow belt.

On that day, he was picked to perform on stage.  

IMG 2890

Well, it is not exactly performing.  Rather, they are having their class on the stage @ Millenia Walk.

JH Kim have a ultimate black belt challenge later.  So, they bring the kids up stage and have lessons there.

Well, not all kids are picked.  They did not pick Jay Jay.  

So, Kay Kay was proud to be on stage.

IMG 2896

Doing warm out.  With a little bit help.


When Kay Kay is on stage, you can see that he is very well behave.



Huh… Huh… Huh … Huh…

IMG 2902

He also kick very well when he is on stage.  Of course, there are some audiences there too.

Here he performed the front kick.

Not too bad for a 5 year old.


Here, he performed the side kick.

You can see that he put in efforts in every kick.


Punch and kick.

Side kick.


Lastly, the game.  It is like Indiana Jones.

Of course, they will learn their patterns there too.  

IMG 2917

Kay Kay doing his Taeguek 1.  (Yellow belt pattern).

IMG 2918

And lastly, teacher thank them for coming up stage.

IMG 2922

Sorry Kay Kay.  Daddy and mommy actually lost all the photos for this change belt ceremony.  We will get it from uncle Terrence.

I think the reason is we just change to iPhone6, and the backup are not done correctly and we might deleted some photos on that day.

🙁  Wahahahahahaha

Don’t worry, your years yet to come.  Many more change belt ceremony to come.  

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