Jay Jay & His Poom Belt

Date:  Dec 7, 2014

Today is one of his happiest moment.


Say good by to black tip belt today.


Singing in the attendance.


Jay Jay is #37 to receive his room belt.  (Junior Black Belt).

It is going to be very hard next time.  look how many is receiving the 2nd poom belt in a batch.


I didn’t even know he has a signature style now.  Wah…


The principal of JH Kim Taekwondo Institute Singapore is ready.


Kay Kay is also happy to be here.  To witness what his brother going thru.  The happiest moment.  

2 Years later for you Kay Kay!


One by one, name got called and student went up stage to change his/her belt.


It’s Jay Jay’s turn.  Bow.

IMG 0365

Remove the old belt.

IMG 0369

Here comes the new poom belt.

IMG 4580

Mr. Rivas must have been very skilful doing this.  Very fast he ties the belt.

IMG 0374

Bow again!

IMG 4582

Now, receiving his room belt certificate.

IMG 4587

Two camera from two angles capturing this precious moment.

IMG 0386

Happy face.

IMG 4589

 Here is the video of him receiving the belt and certificate.

 Taking solo photos.  His pictures is going to be placed at the school wall. 

IMG 4592

The new batch of poom belt students.


All happy students.


We are very proud of this kid.


From Teaguek 3 onwards, basically, he is on how own to learn the teakwondo patterns.  It got too complicated and I can possibly babysit him, so, he has to learn by himself from the class and make sure every steps is correct.  Every morning, while waiting for school bus, he will practise his Teaguek patterns.

IMG 0415

And he finally made it.

IMG 0429

Queue up to take family photos.

IMG 0466

Jay Jay and Mr. Rivas.


The family shot.

IMG 0470

Happy Happy Happy.  

IMG 0455

The brother is also happy.

IMG 4596

Jay Jay fighting stand pose.

IMG 4601

Thank you for Mr. Rivas and his coaches taught him well for the past 2.5 years.

IMG 0474

Congratulation son!  We are very proud of you.

IMG 0478

Misc Thoughts & Comments:

1.  Thank his LWPS’s friend, Justin Yoon for inspiring him to take teakwondo.  He felt interest in K2 after hearing what Justin learn from taekwondo.

2.  Our house rules are very strict!  He cannot use teakwondo to bully people.  He cannot simply any how use teakwondo to return a fight.  Teakwondo is only for keep fit, and not for fighting.  If I ever caught him do anything wrong with teakwondo, I said I will break his leg.  hahahaha

3.  I am glad the teakwondo teach him how to be polite to people.  Always bow to people when greeting.

4.  Of course, my wife has hidden agenda for him to learn teakwondo.  She was hopping that by the time he does his reservist, he already gotten black belt and can be instructor in the reservist camp, instead of carrying guns to the field.  hahaha

5.  Oh ya.  What does this poom belt means?  At age of 15 years old, he can then convert this poom belt to black belt by going thru the same test, same pattern again.  During now to 15 years old, if he gotten any 2nd poom, or 3rd poom belt, those can only be converted one by one in that same order.  We didn’t know that.  So, it is still a long time for him to get his “real” black belt.

6.  Jay learned all his patterns from school and practice it very often on his own.  He has the determination to get this poom belt.  And he finally got it.  We are so proud of him.  Well done Jay Jay!

Jay Jay Taekwondo Essay

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