Rainbow Loom – Part 3

Date:  Aug 5, 2014

This is a show case of rainbow loom that my wife made.

IMG 0524

Rainbow loom has actually become one of the main hobby.

IMG 0487

Every one in the house (except me) knows how to do it.

IMG 6906

My wife is actually quite popular in Kay Kay’s preschool.

IMG 0530

Most of the time when she is at the LWPS pre-school, the students will greet her.

IMG 0532 

Kay Kay classmates will come and ask “Kay Kay mommy, can you make a rainbow loom for me?”

IMG 0574

Sometimes, they will ask for different colour that they like.  “Kay Kay mommy, can you make a pink colour one for me.”

IMG 0575

“Kay Kay mommy, can I have 3 rainbow looms?”

IMG 0577

So, when the news spread out, not only the K1 are coming to ask for the rainbow looms, even senior students in K2 class now making friends with Kay Kay.

IMG 0695

“Kay Kay mommy, I am from K2.  I am Kay Kay’s friend, can I have a rainbow loom?” 

IMG 0696

So every night, my wife start making and producing rainbow looms.

IMG 0699

Every night, she tried different colours, different style.

IMG 0697

This is like her hobby now.

IMG 0700

She kept on making new colourful rainbow looms.

IMG 0694

Making more slightly complicated one.

IMG 0701

Of course, sometimes, she will employ the cheap child labour to do it.  HaHaHaHa

IMG 0753

She kept trying different colours.

IMG 0771

Then, she will take a photo by putting them on a black holder.

IMG 0772

But have you notice that so far, most of the design is quite similar?

IMG 0773

This is one of the complicated one.

IMG 0774

She made so many.

IMG 0783

This one she place the beads in there.

IMG 0974

Making more and more.

IMG 0975

Some quite ugly colour combinations too.

IMG 0973

Most importantly, she had fun!  HaHaHa.

IMG 0976

Even young Kay Kay knows how to do it!

IMG 7284

They will learn it from youtube for new design from time to time.

IMG 7303

Have fun guys!

IMG 6937

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