The Making Of Jay Jay Dental Braces

Date:  Aug 5, 2014

Last month I shared the story of Jay Jay & His Dental Braces.

Today, let’s reveal some of the photos of the making of it…  Wahahahaha

Our family dental is at this place.

Jay Jay made two rainbow looms for Dr. Kenneth Lew and his nurse.  See what I found from Tanglin Dental Surgeons Center.  Cool!

That guy on the left has similar name as me.  HaHaHa.  Without the “i”.

He has been my dentist for almost 10 years.

Screen Shot 2014 08 05 at 7 19 01 am

Not sure why he always wear “Superman” T-shirt to see Dr. Kenneth Lew.

But this photo is taken when Dr. Lew is installing the braces onto his teeth.

IMG 0443

Jay Jay get to choose to wear cool sunglasses.

IMG 0446

There are also a lot of cool high tech equipment being used.

IMG 0447

Done!  Mommy choose the colour of the braces.

IMG 0448

Now lets take a picture of it.

IMG 0449

Last week, Jay Jay went for a schedule check up on his braces.  He made a blue rainbow loom for Dr. Lew.

IMG 0785

He also made one for the nurse too.

IMG 0786

OK.  The braces are doing well.  And when the kid is still young, like 8 years old, it is easier to correct the Jaw.  So, from a no-jaw Jay, to a-little-bit-jaw Jay, the braces actually shows tremendous improvement.  

IMG 0790

The upper teeth and lower teeth are getting together again.

IMG 0799

Previously, the lower teeth is way way hidden inside.  Now, he can actually show that both upper and lower can align together.  

IMG 0800


  1. Yeah he is looking so cute with braces. My son is really afraid to wear braces now I will show him this blog, and I am sure he will be motivated. Even I am taking help of a dentist Torrance who is doing treatment of my kid. Well, Thanks for great share.

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