Jay Jay & His Dental Braces

Date:  July 8, 2014

Poor Jay Jay.

He has to put on braces now because of 

1.  Since young, he doesn’t have a habit to chew his food.

2.  Because not chewing, he usually only uses a few teeth to chew at the front.

3.  Because of that, his haw is not developing correctly.

4.  Eventually, the upper teeth and bottom teeth does not bite each other (does not touch each other).  That means, the biting power reduced.

5.  And because it is not biting together, the bottom teeth is not growing.  It become so small.

6.  And it affect some of the upper teeth too.  Not growing.

7.  Stage 1, to put braces to make room for another to grow.

8.  Hopefully, Jay will realise that he needs to chew his food and uses more of his back teeth and develop the jaw growth properly.

IMG 7155

Looks quite good right?  But…

Jay: “Mommy… I cannot chew my food.”

Jay: “Mommy… The honey stars (with milk) is too hard.”

Jay: “Daddy… I cannot chew the vitamin.” 

IMG 7154

Wahahaha… For 1-2 years, he will need to survive with these braces.  And hopefully. because he is still growing as a kid, it will not cause a lot of problem.  And finally, he will need to chew all his food.  And thus, his jaw will be developed properly, all his teeth will growth healthily. 


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  2. It's too bad that Jay-Jay had to experience this all at a very young age. Though it was a good decision that you consulted with a dentist right away. At the very least, you found the best procedure for him as soon as possible. This may be uncomfortable and painful sometimes, but the results afterwards will make it all worth it. How is he now, btw?

    Shannon Barrett @ Khajavi DDS

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