Trick Eye Museum

Date:  July 8, 2014

That day when we go to Adventure Cove, we saw this new attraction in Sentosa.  I did not even know it was there until that day.

It is called “Trick Eye Museum”.  It is located on the far left of the Malaysian Street Food, after the Aston Steak.

IMG 7008

Inside, there are a lot of 3D effects pictures that you can take photo together with it.

Such as this Horse Racing.  Looks quite real the effect.

IMG 7022

Kay is sitting on the floor with his back against the wall.  And the effect is a 3D chair.

IMG 7016

Both kids lying down on the floor, and simply rotating the picture, you get them sliding down the wall.

IMG 7024

I love this one where Kay Kay is climbing the rock.

IMG 7035

Kay Kay on the unicycle.

IMG 7066

How about the two brothers standing and balancing on the board with rollers.

IMG 7085

I also like this shot.  The Panda shot.

IMG 7091

Very simple museum.  For adult, is S$25 per person, for kids and seniors, S$20 per person.

IMG 7019

Other photos shots are available on my facebook page.

IMG 7029

We finished every thing within 40 minutes.  And of course, that is during the opening hours where not many people.  

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