Sydnee – With Four 2.1A/10W USB Charger

Date:  July 7, 2014

In my home, we have 4x iPads for 4 person.  The adults has 2x iPhones combined.  Also, we have some iPods lying around.  

So, you can imagine that having a few iOS device chargers lying around can be very messy and challenging.

Meet Sydnee.  My solution to this problem.

I saw it from Epic Centre and I bought it.  I was going to get 1-2 new 2.1A/10W chargers, but instead I saw this!

You can charge 4 devices and put down on the stand quite neatly.

IMG 6950

The selling point of this gadget is it comes with 4x 2.1A/10W USB port.  And it is not sharing.  Means, it can charge 4x iPads at full power in a short time.

That is what I need!  

IMG 6951

So, I can have my table clean, not messy with this charging stand and yet, there is only 1 single input power outlet that I used instead of 4x power outlet with 4x iPad chargers. 

IMG 6952

Very neat solution and I like it!

My wife also likes it too.

Their website is below.

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