Fortnite Monopoly

Date: Jan 6, 2019

I have a lot of Monopoly. Most of the Monopoly I owned are “Similar”. Or may I say most of them are the same in the game play with minor twist.

This Fortnite Monopoly is really different. And it is actually fun to play. Really fun to play and everybody has a chance to win, and the game play does not take as long as the traditional monopoly.

As you know my two boys are crazy with Fortnite and they play the Fortnite game almost every night. But the Monopoly version has similar fun in terms of game play.

Here are some of the highlights different.

1. There is no money. But there are HEALTH chip (green plus chips). Everybody start with a 13 health chips I think. Maximum is 13 health chips. Your mission is to stay alive. Once your health chips or health points are gone, you die.

2. Player can choose to start any where they like. just like parachute down to a location. Just don’t land to near to each other, as players can kill health points from each other in line of sight.

3. Every time any player passed the GO, take a STORM card and cover the location. Is just like the real Fortnite game, the Storm is closing the ring.

4. There are Loot chest card too. You can find good weapons, special feature. Like player can game power to shoot any where (non-line of sight).

5. You roll one dice and one special action dice. The dice will tell you how many spaces you move. And the action dice will tell you what you can do. Heal your health, build a “Wall” to block or slow down the user, Kill an enemy in line of sight or just kill any one.

You roll dice and fun then come. Hahaha

When you claim the locations, you can gain health point too. If player go to a claimed location, then, they loose their health to the other player. If the location is covered by the storm, then, the health is lost.

So, the aim is to stay alive.

Since you can’t have unlimited health. So, some one will eventually die. And when the storm cover so much place, then, the game gets very exciting.

Good fun, same story line as Fortnite, and very fun play.

I strongly recommend it.

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