Gadgets – R4 3DS SDHC

Date:  June 115, 2018

[Disclaimer: This blog post is for education purpose.  The purpose is to educate my friends there are such things available.]

I bought this from Amazon.  It shipped directly to my home.


This is 2018 version.  I think buy the latest version the better.

It is about US$23.99 per piece.

If you are lazy, I am pretty sure you can buy it from Qoo10.  Or you can just visit all the game stores in Sim Lim, I am sure you can get from there for more than S$100 plus plus.

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 10.12.48 AM.png

Take note, this is to play DS games on your 3DS device.  It does not play 3DS games on your 3DS device.

Yes, you can play all the DS games.  And it support 32GB Micro SD card.


Made in Hong Kong.  May be China.


OK, you can download the DS games from as advertise.

Well, it will be useless for me.  Because I don’t use PC anymore.


The magic.  The magic Nintendo game card.  Behind is a USB stick that can read Micro SD card.


This magic 3DS card comes with a Micro USB slot.


You can plug in a 32GB Micro SD card into it.


So, it is simple to use.

  1. Find and download the DS game ROMs.
  2. Copy these DS game ROMs onto your Micro SD card.
  3. Plug the Micro SD card into the R4 3DS card.
  4. Plug the R4 3DS card into the Nintendo 3DS game console.
  5. Change the year to 2009 (Only change the year will do).
  6. Run the 3DS game card.

Anytime you want to exit back to the firmware/kernel program.


Oh, you can even run cheap mode or God mode.  Hahahaha


Here are some more new info.

Where to download the ROMs?

Aiyo, google la.

Just in case you cannot find.  This is what I think it is good to use.

But please download not more than 3 ROMs at any time, otherwise, they will block you for 1 hour.

Why cannot play 3DS ROMs?

Not on this card.  I have not explore the Sky3DS yet.  Next time, I bought already, I let you know.  At the mean time, read this to get more info regarding how to play 3DS ROMs.

So Many Cards, Which Cards is good?

I also don’t know la.  But this one I bought works fine.

If you want to know more, please go and take a look below.

This blog post is a collection of info that is useful if in case, you are adventure like me wanted to explore how to play many many DS games on your 3DS device for education purpose.

FYI.  I tried playing the “Pokemon Black” now.  🙂  I also playing “Learn Japanese” game.  Very nice.

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