Jay’s 3rd Poom Belt

Date:  March 17, 2018

Jay received his 3rd Poom belt on March 17.

This is the photo before he received his belt.  Notice that J.H. Kim Taekwondo School actually gave out Poom belt that has 1, 2 or 3 strikes on the belt to indicate which poom belt a student at.  But starting from now, they no longer can do so, as STF (Singapore Taekwondo Federation) no longer allow them to do so.  Hahahaha…


Haha, got a typo.  “Mater” not “Master”.


Jay’s new belt.  (with no 3 stripes).


There are only 4 students receiving 3rd Poom belt this time.

That means a lot of students actually drop out either they got their first poom or second poom belt.

There are 4 students taking the test, and all 4 of them passed.


Here is the video of Jay’s change belt ceremony.  Video #1 taken by my wife.

And yet, they announced wrongly too.  Suppose to be “Jay Liew, third poom”, the MC announced “2nd poom”.  Master Rivas corrected her, “its third poom.”.  🙂

This is video #2 taken by Kay Kay.

Master Rivas tied his new belt.


And he return a bow to Master Rivas.


Those who passed the poom belt grading.


So what’s next for him?  Well, I think if time permits, he can actually go for the forth (4th) Poom grading which will take place 3 years later before he turned 15 years old.  And the grading usually is on February month, that means, he got 2 chances to failed before he turned 15 years old.

Once he turned 15, he will have to go for black belt.  And he cannot take the 3 dan black belt before he converted his poom to black belt and 2nd poom to 2nd Dan black belt.

So, there are only 3.5 years time for him to prepare, learned, and take the grading.

Let’s do it.


Here are some of the photos taken to remember that day.

We are very proud.


Kay is going for the 2nd poom belt grading in this coming May.


A family photo.


He is so happy.  Can tell from his face.


Let’s do a high front kick.


Kay Kay also wanted to pose a front kick.


Here is the side kick.


Kay also can do.  But not so nice.  hahahahaha


Com’on, one more time.




Here is the official pose.


With Master Rivas.


And a great family photo.


Good job Jay!

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