Elixir of Life – Using Hurom Juicer

Date:  Mar 28, 2018

This is my Elixir of Life.  Ya… Fruit juice.  Usually I drink Green Apple + Celery + Green Pepper + Cucumber + small bitter gourd.

Lately, I think my old juicer is not functioning well, and after juicing will have a lot of bubbles and there are still a lot of big pieces of fruits and veggies and make it hard to drink.

So, I change my juicer, and the juice came out from this Juicer tasted much much better, and nicer!  Hahaha, so, this is a short blog introducing my new Juicer.


This is when I knew it is time to change my juicer.  So, I was sending kids to Millenia Walk for Taekwondo, that is why I got an hour or so to make up my mind what do I want to buy, why I want to buy it, and its for who.

I have been hearing people saying about slow juicer.  My impression of a slow juicer is it is really juicing it slowly…. ya… slowly.  But I did not bother to ask how slow are we talking about…

Back then, I was not looking for a Juicer mah.

So, this is the first slow Juicer from Korea I came across.  Hurom.


Then, I got introduced another brand.  Kuvings.  Also from Korea.

And the big selling point of Kuvings is… you can put a whole apple into the juicer.


So, since slow juicers are not a new thing.  You can easily find a lot of info talking about it.  Especially on Youtube.  And the show off is between Kuvings Vs. Hurom.  Of course, when you google it, what is the top model of slow juicer, it will list out may be 8-10 different brands that you have not heard before.

Those are Americans brands and European brands and you will seldom see it selling in Singapore.

So, I guess I need to choose between Kuvings and Hurom.  Both are the same price.  Kuvings uses bigger motor, that is why they can allow you to put a whole apple in it.  It is very attractive.  But then, after watching a few youtube comparison between Kuvings and Hurom, I decided on Hurom.  Means, we need to cut our fruits into smaller pieces in order to make a good juice.

The reason is simple.  Because these youtube actually says that Kuvings although can put a whole apple in it, but the texture of the juice is not as smooth as the Hurom.

OK, the juicer is a bit expensive.  But it comes with 10 years warranty.  So, I guess it should worth it.

I wanted my kids to drink fruit juice too.  Especially the one who is very picky on food.  You know who I am talking about.  hahahaha

This is the slow juicer.


The setup is quite easy.

So, we straight away go to juicing mode.  hahaha

I am impressed with this Hurom Juicer.


And my son Jay Jay falls in love it.  He almost every day and night doing the juicing for himself.


He will prepare what he likes to drink, and prepare the fruits.


It is good thing to train your kids about juicy.  when to drink it.  Why drink it.

I guess every one should know already.


If  you got time, you can make use of these to bake cakes.  hahaha


I have no idea what is inside.  But when you drink it, it taste juicy and nice.


I think they also put banana in it.


If my picky young kid Kay Kay drinks it, that means this juice is super nice.  hahaha


You can do basil too for your pesto.


Jay kept experimenting different combinations.

He really likes it.


As I said… morning and afternoon and at night, he juiced his own drinks.

This is the third morning.


Thanks to Amazon and Red Mart, our fridge now is full of fruits.


And they really can juice so much juice.  And I predict, 2 days later, my son will complaint that no more fruits.


Wow, this one is nice…  not sure how many fruits in it.. hahaa


Why you need to drink fruits and veggies juice?

For healthy reason.  It has lots of vitamins, and nutrients.  You can grow taller, stronger and build up your immune system.

Why do you need a slow juicer?

It makes it become so juicier, and easy to absorbed by your body.

When you drink it?

Any time.  But it is best before oily food intake.  So that your stomach without the oily stomach wall can absorb your juice.







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