Apple Watch Series 3 with Cellular

Date:  Feb 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day!  If you cannot find anything to give to your significant half, you can give this!  Hahaha

My old Apple Watch has a cracked on the top upper left corner on the screen.


I thank the old watch for serving me for almost 2 years.

So, I decided to buy a new Apple Watch.


It is a bit thicker.  It is slightly heavier.  And it has a red crown dial to indicate it is a new Series 3.


And this is the one that comes with E-Sim cellular feature.


Here are the important info.

  1. At the moment, only SingTel supported this e-Sim on Apple Watch.  You have to check with M1 or Starhub if they ever wanted to offer it.  But if you talk to the sales guys in SingTel, they very proudly said “That is why we Singtel have this, and the rest don’t have it”.
  2. If you are on SingTel, and by chance you have an old legacy Multi-Sim card service (not mobile share).  Then, you cannot activate the new Number Share (for the E-Sim) service without cancelling the Multi-Sim.
  3. You cannot cancel the Multi-Sim on the phone customer service (i.e. 1688) or Web Chat.  You got to visit the SingTel shop to do it.
  4. If you cannot recall, Multi-Sim allows you to have an extra Sim card that is exactly the same number with your master sim card.  And there is a way for you to activate which one is master and which one is slave.  Only Master can receive calls.  (It is not round robin like M1).  A lot of people put the Multi-Sim in their camera-less phone to do reservist.  People like me put Multi-Sim in the iPad.  In case you travelling and you activate SingTel roaming, then, both cards are roamed.  This is different from the Mobile Share where they give you extra Sim card with a NEW number.
  5. So, I spent about 3 days to decide whether to terminate my Multi-Sim.  What a heck!  I want to be Dick Tracey.  Hahahahahaha So, I finally did it.  I cancelled my Multi-Sim on Monday.  And it takes some time for SingTel to deactivate it.  As they claim “We have a long queue of people canceling Multi-Sim, so, your are on that queue.” So, it takes me a car ride back from Comcentre to Suntec that they deactivated my multi-Sim card.
  6. Oh ya, I tried to see if I can tie a Mobile Share number to my watch.  Unfortunately, the Apple Watch can only tie to one single Apple Watch App running on the iPhone that has the number you wish to pair with your Apple Watch.  So, if you already pair it with your main number, and you wish to pair it to another number, then, you have to unpair and pair with another phone with that new Mobile share number, etc etc.  Very complicated.  So forget it!

OK, let’s do it.  In order to subscribe or activate to the new Number Share, just click on the Cellular on the Apple Watch App.


Click on Set Up Cellular.


Singtel page started to pop in.  Click proceed.  The number share cost $6.90/month.  Many people don’t want to pay.  Only for Apple Fans ya.  hahahaha


Key in your NRIC.


And wait.  Very slow.


1-2-3 minutes later.  You are done!


You can see that Singtel is “Activating”… wait again…


Press Update.


And it is done!  Your Watch is activated with cellular.  You are now Dick Tracey.


This is the SingTel SMS.


Click on the Phone icon.  You now get this.


Exactly sync up with your phone.


And of course, the Cellular icon came out.


So, I turned off my phone.  (Put iPhone to airplane mode will not work as it will put your Apple Watch to airplane mode too).

And test with another phone and yes, I can received Text message.


And I am Dick Tracey now!!! I can receive calls!


Woooowhooo… No need to bring hand phone out liao.

Of course, we have to wait for all these wonderful app developers such as What’sapp, or even Apple Podcast, etc etc to update their App to enable the cellular version of their app.  So, still need to wait.

I am a happy man.



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