Amazon – PrimeNow – Another Online Groceries Shopping Experience

Date:  Sep 23, 2017

When you are busy sending kids here and there.

When wife is not around.

When you want to catch some sleep at night (refuse to go out to buy groceries at night.

And most importantly, when you don’t want to hand carry all those cooking oil, 10KG rice, 2L milk home.  (Although it is just a short distance from car park to upstairs… and there is always wet market trolley…)

This is where you are glad that there is such thing call online groceries shopping!!

Amazon Prime Now has launched since July.  Initially, there are very limited delivery slots.  That is why whenever you feel like ordering something, you could not order because no more 2-hours delivery man available.

After 2 months later, the operations has smoothen out.  And I gave it a try again today.

I placed the order at 10:37am.  And selected the delivery window of 12noon-2pm.


The Amazon warehouse is just around the corner. Beside IMM.


The time is 1:20pm.  The goods has arrived.

There is this uncle, not wearing any Amazon shirt, just a normal delivery uncle.  Bring up all the goods using those normal wet market trolley.  So, I have a chat with him, Amazon outsource the delivery to a group of  “delivery man with cars”.  They received the job, acknowledge and go to Amazon to pick up the goods and delivery it.

So, since the Amazon warehouse is close by, I am almost sure he will come to my place fast.  hahaha

This is different from RedMart where they have their own trucks.  And usually they delivery many orders in a truck load of orders.


They don’t use plastic bag.  They use paper bags.


Inside the paper bag, it is this kind of frozen cooler bag.  with two pack of ice inside.


I test test.. so only order one veggie.  And they delivery this green onion in a frozen bag alone with two packs of ice.  Cool!


Wow, I received 5-6 of such heat insulator cooler bags.


The ice cream one have some shock absorber too.  hahaha


My milk my chocolates, and fruits are delivered same way.


All bags are bar coded.  Very process driven.


Cool!  There are building up their collections.  At the moment, there isn’t much local veggies.  And the price, some what is a bit high too.  But it is convenient.  Buy oil, buy rice, buy milk and you dont want to carry it back, then, you can buy online.


Oh ya, i also notice, the recent purchased on Amazon.Com in US, and have it delivery to Singapore is FREE too.  Take for this as an example.  I buying this 60″ lego play mat.  And it is US$9.99.  And I have it ship to Singapore. and There shipping is FREE!


So, there are two things I got to love Amazon.

  1. Amazon online groceries shopping…
  2. Amazon.Com (US) can ship to Singapore free.  So bye bye Borderlinx.


(Stock photos from Google search)


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