Kickstarter – Jelly – Worlds Smallest Smart Phone

Date:  Sep 21, 2017

Today, one of my supported Kickstarter product came.

It is the world smallest smart phone.  So they say.


It is a Quad-Core but 1.1GHz processor.  Comes with 950mAh, not too bad.  And it is LTE too.  hahaha


Volume button.


Phone Jack.


Micro USB charger.  And the on-off button.


Support Dual Sim cards.  And you can place Micro SD card there too.


Let’s put in the MicroSD card and put in the sim card.


Let’s launch it!

Wow, it is really small in my hand.


No bad.  Quite responsive.

Easy manual.


Dual SIMs and Micro SD.


They failed to sent me the extra battery.  Because I think they don’t allow it to be shipped.  Strange.  They can ship the phone with battery.  But the extra battery they don’t allow it.  hahaha


Funny.  When I received it, they wrapped the the battery like this.


The last page of info.


OK, here is my thoughts.

  1. If you don’t want to buy an iPhone for your kid, you can give them this.  It served the basic needs.  Can run LTE or 4G, so, communications needs.  It runs most of the apps.  So, you can control download of games, apps, etc.
  2. It is a great phone for your travelling.  You can put two sim cards in it.
  3. If you go jogging and you don’t wish to bring heavy phone.  Bring this.  Of course, before Singtel support the LTE in Apple Watch series 3.
  4. Of course, because it is cheap, you can give this to your domestic helper.  (If you don’t want to give her a XiaoMi phone).


This is their Kickstarter campaign.

OK, you wonder how much is this phone… If you support the Kickstarter campaign, it is $59 if you booked early.  CHEAP right?

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 9.17.24 PM.png



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