TKD Poom Belt 3rd Chapter – Passed!

Date:  Sep 17, 2017

Kay Kay taking his 3rd chapter assessment yesterday.


I think they need to go thru 4 chapters of internal assessment, before they can take the Poom belt grading which I think it is held in February 2018.  Together with Jay Jay’s 2nd Poom belt grading.  Jay Jay has two years to prepare for the 2nd Poom belt grading.


It is good that the assessment is not happening in Millenia Walk during F1 weekend.  The assessment is held at West Coast branch just opposite Haw Par Villa.


I always like this location because it has Jay Jay photo on the big wall.  hahaha Free advertising.


Let’s photo-blog this assessment.

The serious look.


The don’t know why so happy look.


The one leg karate kick.


Mr. Rivas must be short of Taekwondo coaches.  He himself come and make sure the students pass this assessment.


Kick again.


Thank you for tighten my belt.


Kick high!


Again, higher.


Why so surprise?

Ya, everyone going to fight three opponents for the non-contact sparring.


Here goes…


I remember when I was young many many years back then, the sparring is a contact sparring.  Which you need to fight until you get promoted.

Nowadays they changed it to non-contact sparring.

Of course, every time they kick still need to shout.


Kick at the same time.

Ooi.. dancing ah?


Synchronise kicking ah?


Fighting stance.


Third fight.


Smiling on Mr. Rivas face, means kick OK.


And the board breaking.  Didn’t managed to video down the first punch board breaking.  Only the kick board breaking.

After learning the technique.  Kay Kay is better at the board breaking liao.


Come out so happy.  Why?

_DSF1477 2.jpg

Because he passed.  Hahahaha


After seeing the St. Hilda student bullies fighting video, I feel better as my kids are equipment with defence capabilities (Taekwondo).  Although small size, at least, he knows how to defend against a punch a kick.  This life skill is very useful until reservist, until they go out and work in the society.

It is good for their body too.  So, next chapter assessment is December.  And the STF grading will be in February.  Jan-Feb will be the busiest time for Kay Kay as he has to go thru at least 12 lessons and 12 sparring hours within 2 months to be eligible for the first poom grading.  Jay Jay will be taking his 2nd poom the same time too.


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