Cloud Aquaponics – New Home @ Jurong East

Date:  Sep 18, 2017

Today, we visited mommy’s new Cloud Aquaponics place.  It is located at Jurong East.  Her company has some collaborations with Big Box, and decided to move the farm from Tuas to Jurong East.


It is on the third floor, and from the location, you can see this.  Wow, didn’t know got such a nice blue sky today.


You can see the grow light from outside.  Pink Pink colour.

IMG_5822 2.jpg

Only when you move, you get the chance to re-design the commercial Aquaponics systems.  And this is the new systems they have come up with.  Once they completed the design, they will deploy it to 5-6 levels per row.


Kay Kay was excited to see mommy’s new working place during weekends.


They were thinking to help out mommy during weekends, teaching people what is Aquaponics.  I think they going to rent a pop-up shop at the shopping centre to sell some of their systems.


This is their new grow bed.


Here are the fish.  Healthy.  And they survive the move from Tuas to Jurong.


They have to test out various way to improve the water flow.  And here are the plants going to participate during the design phase of the new systems. hahaha


Design needed to be precise.  In order to make the water flow efficiently.


The pipings are all new too.


The new place even have a spot to display all the home systems.


The home systems that is always on displayed in monthly Hort Park event.  They called it Octaponics.


The rectangle shape home aquaponic systems, which they named it Rectaponics.


Newly designed and produced.  It is a systems that is even smaller.  I think they still designing it.  Small and it does the trick.


Of course their hot selling items, the Miniponics systems.


This is to display the fish in the bottom tank and grow your veggies and plants on the upper tank.


And now they have a place to stored their goods too.  The grow lights, the pumps, the grow perl, the clay balls, the bacteria, etc etc.


Give them another month or so, it will be fully expanded to a small little Aquaponics farm here, with two rows, 5-6 levels per row.  And thanks the fish to supply so much poo poo water to the plants and veggies.


The kids were happy because mommy’s aquaponics farm has moved nearer to our home (as compared to last location Tuas).  And the kids were able to visit mommy during weekends as and when.  I think we can even ride bicycle to go there.

This is mommy’s  passion.  She always wanted to do this kind of business.  So, the whole family are giving her a big thumbs up and the big support.  加油!


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