More Kids Typing – Mechanical Keyboard

Date:  Sep 16, 2017

You remember in The Return of the Condo Hero (神雕侠侣), Yang Guo (杨过) uses a very very heavy metal sword to train his kung-fu with one hand after his right arm got cut off by Guo Fu (郭芙).  After he completed his kung-fu training, it is said that he can use any kind of sword, be it light sword, soft sword, etc.  And he become the master of sword.  Even with one hand.

Now, you remember also, when you were in secondary school, at least for me, there is no computer.  However, there are type writer.  So, we have to learn how to type using a type writer.  And if can remember, the feeling of using the type writer, is to press hard using your finger on the keys.

So, when we gone thru the transition to use computer keyboard, it is actually quite easy for us to pick it up.


Even using such a thin keyboard, our finger just type as usual as per normal.

But for a young kids to learn it, it is a different story.  I have tried to ask them to learn typing on this keyboard that comes with iMac for years, I have not got any good progress.

Until now…


I saw this in Popular Bookstore.  There is a demo unit there, and I use my fingers to type on it.  And the feeling is good, and it feels like last time when I first learn how to type.  The key click sound is so nice.  And you don’t have to use a lot of strength too.


I accidentally pick up a “Pink” one for Jay.  Well, it’s ok la.  It is just a tool.  It is just a keyboard.

IMG_5785 2.jpg

The orientation of the keys and the thickness of the keys is just like a type writer.



Can you hear that nice nice keystroke sound?  As long as every keystroke there is a nice keystroke sound, that is the purpose I bought this keyboard.  And each key is well defined.

This keyboard support both iMac and Microsoft.


There is a few buttons there.  And it runs on battery which you can charged using Micro USB.


So, this is this morning typing.  You can see all his fingers placed correctly and trying to type correctly.  Of course, you need a good and simple typing program too.

It is nice to see Jay now place all his 10 fingers on the keyboard correctly, after one week, and he uses all 10 fingers on the keyboard correctly.  He is now trying to improve his speed on the middle row alphabets.


Of course, if you want to be a good programmer (or hacker), you will need to first learn correct typing.


Well done Jay Jay!  Now, I need to see how to encourage Kay Kay also follow his brother like that.  (but he is 3 years younger, so soon or later he will pick it up).


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