LWPS Class of 2012 – CNY Party For the Past Three Years

Date:  Mar 1, 2015

Year 2013

Back in year 2013, where our boys and girls were Primary One.  We had our first CNY gathering at my place.

16febparty 1small

Mommy queue up in a line, and kids come to grab Ang Pao.


That year, we have two plates of Yu Sheng.


60 people in the photo.  Happy CNY 2013!

16febparty 2small

We used uncle Chester’s camera… 

IMG 3745

And the CNY happy gambling.   Professionally done.  

And I am the dealer back in 2013.

IMG 0416

It was a happy year!

IMG 0382

Year 2014

Last year, we celebrate the CNY at Dr. Lee Hooi & Ben’s house.


It is two plate of Yu Sheng!

IMG 9912

The kids all have to sit on the floor, and mummy goes round and give Ang Pao.


It was a great gathering too.  Counter 47 people in the photo.

IMG 9991

Again, we have the traditional CNY gambling.  And I was the dealer.

IMG 9999

Year 2015

This year, we have weapons.  Selfie stick.

IMG 9171

This year, We have 46 in the photo.  You will notice that

1) All the kids has grown up.

2) Little Cheryl sits on mommy Angeline’s lap for the third year!  

IMG 9179

Another Selfie shot.

IMG 9185

OK.  Gwen was missing from the group photo.  Uncle Rusdi couldn’t find Gwen.  So, we have one photo here for her.  Hahahahaha

IMG 9196

Again, we have two plates of Yu Sheng.

IMG 9128

This year, the way how you get Ang Pao is different.  Uncle Shawn (Major Shawn) is giving instructions and explaining how the kids can get Ang Pao this year.

IMG 9197


1)  You must know who is who’s mommy.  And get Ang Pao from her.  (except for uncle Chester stand in for auntie Alicia)

2)  You must know who’s mommy is it.  So, you write down the child name.

3)  You must say some nice Chinese greetings, and mommy have to verify it.  Put a tick here.

4)  Mommy who gave Ang Pao must acknowledge that you have got the Ang Pao…

IMG 9139

Here goes the stressful kids trying to say nice Chinese greetings and walk around to look for Ang Pao givers… ahahaha…  Kids look for mommies to get Ang Pao.

IMG 9150

Stress.  But every one made it… hahahaha

IMG 9182

Something never changed.  It is me again, at the gambling table.  I am the dealer again.

IMG 9186

Happy Chinese New Year 2015!

Huat Ah!

If you look at all the photos for the past 3 years… These are the things that has not changed…

1)  Two plates of Yu Sheng for 3 years.

2)  Uncle Chester is the photographer for 3 years.

3)  Uncle Kenneth is the dealer at the gambling table 3 years in a row.

4)  Either kids or mommy look for each other or queue up for giving Ang Pao or receiving Ang Pao.

5)  Little Cheryl sits on auntie Angeline’s lap for 3 years in a row.  🙂 

Let’s hope to do this again next year and year after and year after…

Good company, good friendship!

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