Our Little Garden

Date:  Mar 1, 2015

There is a little garden that my wife has set up within our Condo compound.  

What she did is to become one of the committee member.

And they she volunteer to take care the landscape and gardening within the compound.

And a year later, we have this “public” garden or vegetable garden to plant all sort of edible vegetables.

Every one can look after it.

Every one can come down to pick the chilli padi, pandan leaves, and so on.

And my wife is the one running it, and she get some neighbours to help out too.

IMG 8985

This is a great place for Jay Jay to learn Science.  What kind of living things can be found here.  What kind of leaves are there.  

IMG 8958

Kay Kay always come down here to water the plants.

IMG 8961

I tell you later what I am going to do.

IMG 8962

This is the pandan leaves.

IMG 8963

This is curry leaves.

IMG 8964

Small label are placed there.  So, kids within the condo can learn too.

IMG 8965

Kay Kay still watering the potato leaves.  The potato is due to be harvest soon.

IMG 8966

New plants and veggies are being seeded here.

IMG 8967

All veggies and herbs are edible.

IMG 8968

Warning.  This chilli padi is very very hot and spicy.

IMG 8971

There are even Thai mint lime here.

IMG 8973

You can eat the leaves above the ground.  It is good for stir fry.  And you can BBQ the sweet potato below.

IMG 8975

The aloe vera is fat too.  Good for making Longan drinks. 

IMG 8977

It is not big garden, but it is enough for the kids to water the plants.

IMG 8983

It is organic.

At home, we throw all our veggies and fruits here.  Even egg shells, etc.  As long as it has no oil, then, you can put in this box to let it decompose.

IMG 8986

I think my wife gave me a name, called Compo or Compose or decompose something.

IMG 8987

So, all these are organic.  Not cooked veggies, but those that you cut off and you don’t cook, all goes in here.

IMG 8988

And Jay Jay’s job is to dig a hole.

IMG 8979

And then, you pour all these composed fertiliser (natural) into the hole and let it further decompose.

IMG 8996

It is natural fertiliser, and thus, very good soiled produced.

See the worms… how fat it is?

IMG 8995

This is this the sign board to prevent the gardener to come in and cut away the veggies.

IMG 8990

Just beside it, a lot of mimosa.

IMG 8991

Let’s touch it!

IMG 8993

The gardener.

IMG 8989

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