Basketball @ Clementi Sport Hall

Date:  Mar 2, 2015

There is two basket ball net @ Clementi Sport Hall (outside).

IMG 8151

Every Saturday, when Jay Jay goes to Badminton lesson, we will go there 15 minutes earlier and bringing our basketball.

IMG 8150

Although it is a very short time, but the boys enjoyed it.  They are learning how to throw basketball.

IMG 8153

Here is an amazing shots for Kay Kay.  This is his first time throwing a basket ball.  Good shot Kay Kay!

Oh ya, seems like Singapore Badminton School still negotiating the renting of the badminton court @ Nan Hua Primary School.  So, for now, the lesson will take place at the Clementi Sport Hall there.  There will be 2 courts booked by them every Saturday.

IMG 9002

Jay Jay said this is better.  Because last time 3-4 coaches using 6 badminton courts.  So, the coach spent lesser time to watch and teach each court.  Now, since there is only 2 courts, 10-12 students have to take turns to play in the court and they can see better and teach better.  Student has more coach’s time and attention.

IMG 8998

Jay Jay took Badminton as CCA.  He went into the Tuesday class and play with the higher primary students, i.e. P5 & P6.  But since this is the first year they started the boys team.  So, Jay Jay will be the only P3 boy in the Tuesday class playing with all the P5 & P6 girls.  Yup.  He is the only P3 student there.  And he is the only boy there.  The jie-jie always talk to him and like him a lot.  hahaha  The Wednesday class is for the rest of P3 students.  Because Jay Jay has the basics from SBS, so, that is why the teacher wants him to play with the higher primary girls.  

I think he is having lots of fun there.  hahahaha

IMG 9007

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