Taiwan Vacation 礁溪温泉公园 (Day 1)

Date:Dec 7,2013

We took red-eye flight to Taiwan. So, the arriving time is about 6am in the morning. Many of us does not have enough sleep.

So tired.

Then how?

Not to worry, let’s go to the 礁溪温泉公园. Soak your tired feet into the public onsen pool.

It is an amazing place where the onsen got spring flow in the public garden.

The kids are having lots of fun here. What are they staring at?

Oh… They wanted to steps the stones and cross the pond.


Hey Jay Jay, you be careful there.

At the onsen pool. I am surprise that Mr. Jay also enjoyed it. Haha, we went to Japan almost 6 trips together, and we always have stayed in onsen hotel. Not once he dare to do this… Really surprise…

Why do you think I like to bring my kids to go excursion with his friends?

Haha he saw all his friends do it, with this peer pressure, his guts also become bigger. Wahahaha.

It is good for your whole body by simply soaking the leg inside the warm onsen water.

Haha Kay Kay don’t want to touch it. He complaint too hot.

Every one enjoys it.

The water is about 30-32 degrees.

It is kind of a nice place to start our journey with this.

And it’s free!

After the soaking. The kids appeared energetic!

Even the adults are now charged with power.

Today we going to your 宜兰 Yilan.

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