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Date: Mar 18, 2013

When I go overseas, I always use Bridge Mobile roaming services from Singtel.

I have an iPhone and an iPad that using the multi-Sim. Same number, once roaming, both devices can enjoy unlimited data roaming.

But yesterday, I came to learn that for some countries, they no longer allow two devices with multi sim to use the data roaming at the same time.

If you use it, one of the device will not be connected to 3G and you will keep receiving the above SMS. Saying that you are not logged on to the preferred network.

So what you do is to make sure both iPad and iPhone are manually selecting the preferred network, and then turn off one of the devices for data roaming at each time.

This has cause huge inconvenient. Because, when I do work or in the meeting, I like to use iPad. So while iPad gets the data roaming, iPhone will lose the data. And all your WhatsApp or iMessage will not be delivered. And iPad does not have the WhatsApp on it.

Of course, what you could do next is to totally turn off the data roaming on iPad, and turn on the personal hotspot from iPhone. And allow both devices to use Internet. But that may eat up battery while you travel.

Feel sad regarding this!!!

Oh ya… And the SMS registration process has also increase its complexity. Haha

First you need to select whether is daily or monthly plan.

Then you need to select if you need a multiple days service.

Then you need to select the country.

Since I am in Bangkok. So it’s $15 per day for three days. And it is great that they covered up to 20 countries now. But US and Europe is $90 for 3 days. That’s a lot of money.

Then you have to select the start date.

Lastly, to confirm your order, don’t forget to sent a “Y” reply to activate it. Most of the people might forget this.

Some more info here…

More info…

More info… Their SMS getting longer…

And that’s it. The confirmation SMS. Notice the multi sim users…

Of course you also can use the My Singtel app to subscribe. It is much convenient. But you have to do that before you fly.

Because if you reach your destination and you can’t find wifi to logon Internet, you can’t use the app.

2nd screen Willet you select the country.

Third screen will bring you to the selection of start date. And simply choose confirm.

A lot info is provided. Yeap. Incoming call and outgoing call is expensive.

Each SMS is 60 cents.

You can’t check usage. But it tells you how many hours you have use from the 12 midnight of the first day. And I am still confuse if it is Singapore time or oversea time.

Again, milti sim users… You will receive this announcing and threatening message even if you have manually selected the network correctly.

I think M1 and Starhub still good as if you logon to the designated network, you can start use data roaming and they will cap at $15. (Not sure if that has been changed or not)

So, what’s your thought on this…

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