Bricks 4 Kidz

Date:  Mar 23, 2013

During March break, Jay Jay went to Bricks 4 Kidz’s Stop Motion Camp.  He joined Aiden, Brayden, Justin and one other new friend in this camp.  What they will learn?  They learn how to shoot a stop motion animation movie using Legos. 

IMG 0004

This is the scene they build.  So, the theme is “Nature”.  And you can see that it is blue sky with some clouds.  In a garden.

IMG 0023

Every movie must have a scrip.  This is their scripts.

IMG 0006

Oh, got clouds, got tree, got snake, got crocodile, got …

IMG 0007

Here is the story.  One day, a man went to Bukit Timah hill, and he saw a snake, a crocodile and a bat.  Then, the snake bite, the man fight with the snake.  Then, the bat is the judge.  Then, the crocodile cheers for the snake.  The man fight the snake with the axe.  Then, the snake spat venom then, the man get injured.  he call the police, and the police say I will kill the snake….

…. Interesting story… so, how to shoot such movie???

IMG 0008

Oh… a web cam to shoot the photos.  So, stop motion animation is really taking the photos and move the props bit by bit, and you slowly play back the photos you taken at the rate of 20 frames per second.  So, you really need to shoot a lot of photos.

IMG 0011

The web cam hook up to the laptop and have a software for editing…

IMG 0012

The kids are enjoying the movie.

IMG 0018

May I present the movie that Jay Jay and Justin and Brayden did.  Quite fun to watch too.  Well done Jay Jay! 


The kids presenting their work.

IMG 0032

And there is a certificate of achievement.  Cool!

IMG 0033

Bricks 4 Kidz is on 4th floor at the Grand Stand.  Previously called Turf City.

IMG 0003

On the 2nd day, parents come and listen to them presenting their movie.  


Then, parents and kids enjoy the movie.


Well done Jay!  Here is your Lego.  (Actually I wanted the minifig, i.e. R2D2, Anakin and Like Skywalker.  If you buy the real minifig, can cost up to $25-$30 a piece.  I also wanted the X-Wing too.

IMG 0170

But my underage worker says, Nope.  I have to build the Helicopter first.  hahahaha

IMG 0034

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