Disney Live 2012 @ MBS

Date: Dec 5, 2012

Last Saturday, we went to see Disney Live.

My wife brought along the big camera. But she forgot to charge it. And then MBS theater security guard says “big camera” cannot go in, must leave it outside. Hahaha. Luckily we are seating at the 2nd row and iPhone5 camera does the decent job in shooting the photos.

The kids are very excited about this show. They have seen the Disney on Ice. This year is the Disney Live.

We stopped by the MBS to take a Christmas tree shot.

The tree is tall and huge.

We spotted a Mickey Mouse on the loose. A fat one too.

We enter into Door 1.

I love this theater. Quite decent big. Then a big loud voice coming from that boy in green shirt. “Kay Kay”. Kay Kay look at him and and shout “Noel Lee” (诺文)

It’s Kay Kay’s classmate. Then they play together.

The show is about to start, are you ready Jay Jay?

And let the show begin! So happy.

It’s nice to have a front seat indeed. And the seats are also very comfortable too. Unlike the Thomas & Friends show sitting on plastic chair.

And here comes Mickey Mouse!

Kaboom! Donald’s Big Bang is not so big after all.

The story line is that Mickey and gang is organizing a talent show. And they are on road searching for talents.

The gorgeous Cinderella agrees to take part in the talent show.

Got to love the Mickey car movement. So nicely coordinated to the screen.

How can you not live the little green man.

Here comes the crowd’s favorite Woody.

Very talented toy story folks indeed. They too participating in the talent show.

Lastly we have Tigger.

The audience performance is kinda funny.

Buzz is really good.

Kay keeps standing up following the music beats.

The big dance at the end.

And finally the big finale. The Big Bang.

I must say I quite like this show. Although is a bit short, but I would say it is short and sweet. Not too long and not too much boring conversation.

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