Ken Can Cook – Lady Fingers and Seafood

Date: Dec 9, 2012

The more I cook with the iCook, the more I like it.

Simply cut the lady fingers into pieces, and the dice some white onions, add 1 small chilli (removed chilli seeds). Cook it with Olive oil for about 4 minutes, then you open the iCook cover, and stir it. Leave it simmer for 1-2minutes, and the dish is done. The taste of the lady fingers got amplifies and blend well with the white onions. The lady fingers looks pretty green.

Next, lets prepare the prawns. I bought the sea prawns from Tiong Bahru market. Very fresh and nice.

Arrange nicely on the iCook pot. Put in half bottle of 绍兴 (Shao Xing) rice wine. Add a stalk of green onion leaf, and then cover it and cook for 8-10min until iCook vapor seals is there. This is the first time I do prawns, and it’s taste is just lovely.

Next, lets try the crabs. These flower crabs are from Tiong Bahru market. I arrange it nicely in the big pot. All three crabs are sitting there nicely in my iCook. Without any salt or any seasoning, simply cover it and start cooking. The crabs will have water or juice come out from their body. And about 8-10min later, the crabs are steamed.

The crabs taste is original sea water taste, and it is really fresh. So, my next few parties, seafood will definitely be the highlights.

To eat the seafood with this brand of Sake is the best!

Yesterday, I cooked two times in a day, first for my mom and sisters, and then later for my friend and family. I used the iCook to cook 4 dishes at the same time.

The cabbage is always my favorite.

Fishball green veggies.

Steam meat.

I used this brand of picked cucumber. Not nice. So, when you cooked with iCook and steam the minced pork, the “no good” taste got amplifies too. Hahaha

As usual, I always have my wine chicken.

Not to forget about my lovely wine.

The Thai Style BBQ pork. Using my other kitchen gadget to cook. Air Fryer.

I show it to those people who introduced me iCook by sharing the dishes photos. They very funny, 流口水! Hahaha

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